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Romanian company specialized in digitalisation activities offers its services under an outsourcing agreement

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The Romanian company offers digitalisation services, cartography, orthophoto plans, infrastructure design, digital maps, data conversion geographic information system (GIS) or the establishment of databases to EU companies interested to collaborate under an outsourcing agreement.



The Romanian company is specialized in digitalisation services and currently operates on the Romanian market. It wants to expand its activity and penetrate EU market.

The photogrammetric services offered by the company are based on state-of-the-art technologies and are widely used both as independent aero-photographic works and as support for other types of projects. These can be done for large areas of land or on smaller segments with the help of drones.

The Romanian company uses the frames obtained with the help of aerial devices (drones) for the qualitative and quantitative exploitation of information in order to quickly process and make orthophoto plans, infrastructure design or digital maps.
The company also provides personalized design services, cartography services, infrastructure projects and database creation. Data conversion and digitization are services integrated in the execution plan of the works.

Until now, the company has been involved in various projects with other companies in the industrial field, constructions, churches and even public institutions, making for them interactive maps of industrial parks, residential neighborhoods, cemeteries or municipal networks.

The Romanian company has the ability to develop for its customers applications that contain interactive digital maps that contribute to obtaining an overview, monitoring the area and space orientation.

The Romanian company wants to expand its activity and is looking for EU partners to collaborate under an outsourcing agreement. It is interested in providing photogrammetric services for amusement parks, industrial parks or other companies that need mapping services, but does not exclude collaboration with public institutions.

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- innovative solutions that work with the most modern equipment, as well as technologies (for example the digitization and systematization of cemeteries) - the highest quality equipment and personalized software, at clients request that involve the digitalisation services in all kind of activities - a wide range of projects addressed to companies, like: ●digital’s systematization of cemeteries ●aero-photographic for geographic information system of green ●spaces located in counties; ● assigning the new postal codes to the localities, in the form of a digital map - qualified personnel able to execute data conversion and digitization services and their integrate in the execution plan of the works - willingness to collaborate with several types of organizations

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Already on the market

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The Romanian company is looking for partners from European countries to collaborate in an outsourcing agreement. The ideal partner is any company or public institution interested in digitalisation services and which is willing to turn to an external company to obtain orthophoto planes, interactive digital maps, geographic information system (GIS), data processing and data conversion.