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A Romanian company specialized in metal processing seeks manufacturing agreements for industrial steel doors

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A Romanian company producing a variety of steel doors for shipbuilding, chemical, energy and related industry seeks manufacturing agreements for their wide range of watertight, weathertight, gastight doors and fire-resistant steel doors. The company can customize them according to the client’s requirements and can produce other type of similar equipment (hatches, manholes, gaskets etc.).



The Romanian business has been founded in 1992, starting as a producer of industrial gaskets in a small workshop close to the Black Sea. The company has significantly grown in the last 27 years, now employing more than 80 people and working in 5 highly specialized workshops, as well as improving their product portfolio with the manufacturing of a large variety of spare parts for industrial uses.

The company is able to produce items for various industries such as shipbuilding, energy, chemical, petrochemical and others.

Over the years they have gained experience in producing steel doors, which became the main product offered by the company. The company produces various types of doors, specifically designed for the naval industry, suitable for shipbuilding, such as:
• watertight, weathertight and gastight doors, with individual or central adjustable closing points;
• fire resistant steel doors, suitably stiffened, constructed as to be capable of preventing the passage of smoke and flame. They are insulated with non-combustible materials so that the average temperature of the unexposed side will not rise more than 140°C above the original temperature, and it will not rise more than 180°C above the original temperature at any point, including the joints, for 30 or 60 minutes;
• custom steel doors: with portholes, cover portholes, windows, insulation, with or without frame, with or without handle or wheel handle, with locks and hardware made out of nickel-plated brass, aluminum, zinc-plated dichromate steel or stainless steel;

All of the doors are packed in a standard wooden pallet packaging, as the company can offer door to door delivery, by road or by sea.

The company is also specialized in producing a variety of naval hatches: access hatches, tank cleaning hatches, flush hatches, swing hatches, watertight hatches, loading hatches. They are made of aluminum, steel and stainless steel and can be equipped with handle or wheel handle, central or individual closing points, hinged or gas spring opening mechanism. The also produce other similar items, such as oval or round manholes, ventilation cowls, skid-proof steps and gratings, stainless steel expansion joints, stainless steel furniture, washers, industrial gaskets made of metal and plastic etc.

They are looking for foreign partners in order to expand their business at an international level, seeking manufacturing agreements. In the framework of this type of agreement, the company is willing to cooperate with potential partners that deal with shipbuilding, chemical, energy or related industries for whom they can produce doors, hatches, gaskets or any other products from the company’s portfolio, according to the client’s requirements.

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The company has an experienced and well-trained team of technicians and engineers, going through continuous training in order to maintain and improve the quality of their work, developing customized concepts, particularly for thermal insulation and fire protection, operating with computer numerically-controlled technology for laser and oxygen cuttings, bending, punching, guillotine shears, thus offering high levels of precision in the final product, keeping in mind international regulations for shipbuilding. The company is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9000 for quality management systems, RINA – one of the top-ranking marine classification organizations in the world, and others. Regarding the raw materials, they use high quality carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum, offering added value, long-lasting quality to the final product by conducting finishing operations such as sandblasting and wet painting. The product portfolio is not limited – the company can produce spare parts according to the client’s needs and requirements. Moreover, in order to meet them, the company’s design and programming engineers use modern software for the design and rendering of the requested items. The company has experience in cooperating with international partners.

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The Romanian company seeks to conclude manufacturing agreements with potential partners from the shipbuilding industry, as well as chemical, petrochemical, energy and related industries, in need of items such as watertight, weathertight and fire-resistant steel doors. The company will produce the required items according to the potential partner’s specifications.

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