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Romanian company specialized in obtaining and implementing energy saving solutions offers its consulting services to EU companies based on a subcontracting agreement

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The Romanian company offers consulting services for obtaining and implementing solutions to reduce electricity or thermal energy consumption. It offers to become a subcontractor for EU partners in the field of construction, building owners, architects or design offices. The collaboration is based on a subcontracting agreement.



The Romanian company was established in 2015 and offers to its clients specialized consultancy regarding the investment and implementation of any system for reducing the consumption of electricity or heat.

The Romanian company has collaborated in over 30 projects with SMEs and organizations. It has extensive experience in implementing energy saving sustainable solutions.

The company uses specialized software tools through which offers to customers services for product life cycle assessment, energy simulations and thermal comfort, ecological construction certifications. It offers consulting for selecting of ecological products, the planning and managing sustainable construction projects.

The company offers its clients specialized consultancy related to:
1. Reducing of energy consumption by choosing the type of energy used efficiently;
2. Photovoltaic energy solutions based on free solar energy;
3. Efficient insulation solutions to give up a conventional heating system (insulation thickness: 20-30cm floor, wall 30-40cm, 40-50 cm in the roof);
4. Heat recovery through controlled mechanical ventilation;
5. 50% reduction of electricity consumption using efficient appliances (class A);
6. Obtaining of extra energy due to reduced energy needs.
In addition to consulting services on energy reduction, the company offers ecological solutions for the obtaining of renewable energy by using of:
- solar panels;
- biomass boilers;
- small dimension wind systems;
- pool heating systems;
- photovoltaic camping system;
- hydrocarbon separators;
- ecological houses.

The company is seeking EU partners to expand its activity. It is willing to collaborate on a long term under subcontracting agreement.

Potential partners should be companies in the field of construction, building owners, construction managers, architects or design offices.

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- the company studies all the possibilities, where the customer may obtain financial support for investments in the renewable industry and other industries; - the company prepares professional technical studies for different investments and projects on the green segments or other segments; - the company has experience in more than 30 renewable energy projects; - the company collaborates for more than 8 years with specialists in the field of renewable energies at national and international level; - the company offered studies for investments in the renewable industry, construction or efficient energy services for more than 20 companies; - the company prepares professional technical studies for different projects on the green segments or other specialised niches oriented to the energy saving. The main advantages of the services provided are reflected in the real evaluation of systems performance designed for energy reduction. The equipments used for monitoring and assessment of efficiency energy are in line with the new digital technology and software. The company does not give only advice, but also supports the implementation of the best optimisation solutions in the area of energy, conventional heating systems, control and mechanical ventilation, etc. The international experience in projects executed for construction companies, architects or design offices permitted the company to offer innovative ecological solutions in terms of using solar panels, biomass boilers, wind systems, etc.

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Already on the market

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Potential partners should be companies in the field of construction, building owners, construction manager, architects or design offices. These partners should be active on the field of construction with main focus on efficiency energy solutions. The intended partnership should work into a close relationship for both entities, that share common energy saving solutions and assume same standards of the quality of work. The partner should be interested in a subcontracting agreement for various sustainable construction services based on energy simulations and thermal comfort, green building solutions for energy certifications, green product consulting, product life cycle assessment, planning and management of energy saving projects.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250