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The Romanian company specialized in the production and development of complete roofing systems for all type of constructions seeks partners for subcontracting

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The Romanian company develops and produces complete roofing systems (metal tile, pluvial system and accessories) for residential and industrial constructions. It is offering to produce these systems for EU partners with similar experience and activity. The company wants collaboration under a subcontracting agreement.



The Romanian company was founded in 2007 and is an important manufacturer and supplier of complete solutions for roof systems on the Romanian market. It is specialized in the production and development of metal roofs, rainwater systems and accessories, intended for residential and industrial buildings.

The company currently owns production halls and storage spaces covering an area of 140,000 square meters. Production lines are fully automated, based on the latest technologies available on the market being able to manufacture and deliver over 6 million sq m of roofing sheets yearly.

Close attention is also paid for the quality control systems for manufacturing procedures, in order to deliver continuous and homogeneous quality characteristics to all the products.

The production is order-oriented, therefore, the length of the panels is executed according to the client's needs, so that the material losses are minimal.

The Romanian company ensures the realization of the assembly plans based on the sketches and projects submitted by the client, assistance in choosing the most suitable model of roof or cut sheet, in choosing the finishing elements, solving the details and certain necessary changes.

The quality of the final product depends first and foremost on the materials used to make it. The raw material used is to the highest quality:
- thickness: 0.30 mm - 2.5 mm;
- zinc coating: Z225 - Z275 g / sqm;
- Polyester paint coating: 25 µm - 200 µm.

For roof systems and sheets plastered with polyester surface, 10 years warranty is given for the color and corrosion characteristics. This period is also guaranteed by the suppliers of raw materials.

The company's performance is due to the attention given to the development of services and products and to the fact that the staff and the automated system work in symbiosis for the continuous and homogeneous guarantee of a quality product.

The products manufactured into the company are:
- Metal tile;
- Plated sheet;
- Pluvial system;
- Structural boxes;
- Fastening systems;
- Attic windows;
- Thermal insulation panels;
- Condensation foil;
- Accessories, etc.

The company wants to expand its customer portfolio and enter the EU market, seeking partners to establish long-term cooperation based on subcontracting agreements.

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- Implemented Certification standards: ISO 9001-2008; ISO 14001- 2004; OHSAS 18001 2007; - Own production, storage and logistics facilities for swiftness of delivery and cost reduction; - The roofing elements can be executed in different sizes, depending on the project or customer specifications; - 10 years warranty for color and corrosion characteristics of the manufactured products; - Very competitive quality/ price ratio, due to constant investments in technologies and personnel specialization; - Highly qualified team of specialists and continuous training programs developed; -The company can provide complete solutions, addressing all the needs, identifying the best solutions and streamlining the delivery and handling process in the field of activity: manufacture of metal roofing, cladding systems, rainwater systems and other accessories for a complete roofing system.

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The Romanian company is looking for small and medium-sized companies in order to collaborate on long-term based on a subcontracting agreement. The company offers to produce metal roofs, rainwater systems and accessories for European manufacturers of building materials.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250