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Romanian company specialized in visual arts and image services is looking for partners from the EU with whom to collaborate under an outsourcing agreement

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The Romanian company offers image services in the field of visual arts such as: studio photography, stock photos, corporate photography for presenting the company's image and support for online promotion. It is looking for EU partners to collaborate under an outsourcing agreement.



The Romanian company is a start-up, founded by a photographer with extensive experience in the field of visual arts.

Following obtaining a non-reimbursable financing, the company purchased high-performance equipment such as:
- camera (real-time eyes for photography and video, hybrid system with 567 points; 10 frames per second for shooting, continuous sequence of 68 frames, shooting with ultra-high dimension 4K resolution);
- lenses with a focal length of 85 mm, filter with a diameter of 67 mm, aperture f / 1.8;
- drone (4K video and 21-megapixel high dynamic range photography, 3-Axis image stabilization, WI-FI dual band antennas, 180 ° tilt camera, 2.8x digital zoom, 25-minute flight);
- video cameras (two-pixel auto-focus, image processor, 1.0 "8.29-megapixel sensor, optical zoom: 15x, 3.5", 0.24 "viewfinder);
- studio equipment;
- photo-video accessories; etc.

The image services that the company offers are performed by specialists in art and photographic technique, who were trained by the company's founder in person.

The company offers photographic solutions such as:
- studio photography and editing techniques;
- stock photos;
- corporate photos and support for online promotion of companies.

Through studio photography and the help of editing techniques, a complete and dynamic presentation of a company's product portfolio can be made.

Stock photos, professional photos of common places, landmarks, nature, events or people, used for commercial design purposes, have a superior quality and offer a professional air that will increase the company's image and increase customer interest in it.
The company also provides support for the online promotion of companies and corporations looking for a presentation of the services and products they offer.

The company is in a continuous development. It currently works for companies in Romania, but wants to enter other markets internationally.

The Romanian company is looking for companies in European countries that need image solutions to improve and promote the business image to collaborate under outsourcing agreement.

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- specialized staff in art and photographic technique; - high-performance equipment with the help of which it realizes high quality photographic services; - personalized services according to the client's needs; - stock photos with visual stories to promote brands, people, events and products; - collaborations with various news agencies; - experience in promoting fairs, exhibitions and other large-scale events;

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The Romanian company is looking for partners in European countries to collaborate under an outsourcing agreement. The ideal partner is any company interested in improving its image and which is willing to turn to an external company for a presentation of the company, the product portfolio and its promotion in the online environment.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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