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Romanian custom mobile applications software provider seeks international business partners for concluding services agreements

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A Romanian company specialises in developing custom software for mobile applications addressed to companies requiring IT or IT related services. The company is interested in identifying international business partners under services agreements.



The Romanian company is a highly innovative start-up positioned as a customer-oriented provider of custom software for mobile applications addressed to clients offering IT and IT related services. The firm addresses the national and European markets. The company’s current client portfolio includes companies in different sectors such as IT services suppliers, security services, data management services, telecommunications industry (telephone, TV and media services).
The Romanian company ensures full application development from the concept stages to the final ready for market product. Services offered by the company include:
- audit and consultancy services for identifying the best custom solutions to each client’s requirements;
- mobile applications development including initial application development, improvement and maintenance;
- product consultancy and development services;
The company is committed to focusing on each product individually and developing fresh, innovative solutions to deliver what the customer wants. A key point of differentiation is the company’s interest in ensuring meaningful connections between users and mobile applications, through the specific interface design. The company also focuses on ensuring excellent application functionality which is achieved by creating a custom mix of testing techniques for each product under development. Mobile applications can be developed for both iOS and Android.
Enjoying a growth mindset, the company strives to offer the best solutions available, as part of an open, honest and ethical business model. Aiming to further expand its market, the company is interested in identifying international business partners. Cooperation with the partners identified will be based on services agreements.

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The Romanian company differentiates from the competitors through the high quality of the products available which translates in: - better code maintenance than competitors; - easiness of use for all software developed by the Romanian company; - fast reaching of a ready-to-market level; The Romanian company also ensures “post-application” services implying product maintenance for fixed or variable timeframes.

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Already on the market

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The Romanian company is seeking international business partners for long-term relationships under services agreement. Potential partners are companies in the IT services and IT related industries, especially from the United Kingdom, France and Germany, wishing to develop mobile applications to enhance their operations. To cooperate with the Romanian company, the partner should provide the relevant details and specifics of the application required. Cooperation will be based on services agreements.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250