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Romanian e-waste green recycling company is looking for electronic scrap suppliers, under a services agreement

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The Romanian company is a leading electronic scrap recycling company, based in the North-West Region. The company purchases mixed computer scrap, motherboards scrap, cell phone boards scrap, PC scrap, for further sorting and recycling. The company is looking for electronic scrap suppliers under a services agreement.



The Romanian company is a unique and attractive company in the e-waste management business. It's first priority is to protect the environment, by discovering and developing new, clean ways to recycle e-waste. The company is helping to cut greenhouse gas emissions and chemical waste pollutants.
The company has the capacity to process 300 tons of e-waste per month. Old electronics, circuit boards and batteries contain toxic chemicals, that can contaminate the ground, water or air, if improperly processed.
However, these materials also contain significant amounts of base and precious metals, as well as glass fibers and resins that are in high demand for extraction. The challenge is to extract these valuable materials and responsibly manage the recovery of lead and mercury without releasing these elements back into the environment.
After careful sorting, the electronic boards pass a mechanical grinding process, followed by a separation of the metallic fraction (gold, platinum, palladium, copper, nickel, etc.) and non-metallic fraction like glass fiber. Some of the precious metals are refined in the company laboratory, the rest being valued by third parties.
The Romanian company offers fully audited reporting of their recycling pieces, allowing the clients to prove they are not only having their waste recycled, but the waste is also being recycled within the EU and without damaging the environment.
The Romanian company has the technical abilities to separate 99% of all base and precious metals from computer and electronic equipment components.
The entire process is based on a non-chemical technology.
The company has extra processing capacity and there for is looking for suppliers of e-waste, preferably from European neighboring countries, but not restricted to these ones.
The envisaged partnership may run under a services agreement.

Advantages & innovations

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- 100% green recycling - real time material destruction report - waste recycling certificate - zero waste to landfill - absolutely no waste is resold - fully compliant with IP (Internet Protocol) security regulations / IP and data destruction certificates available - complete and environmentally benign metals extraction process - non acidic- non hazardous precious metals extraction - unique mechanical and rapid bio-degradation process

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

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Specialized collectors of e-waste, industrial producers of e-waste (such as electronic equipment manufacturing companies), companies that dispose old IT equipment, etc

Partner sought

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The partner is supposed to collect the integrated wiring circuits and prepare them for pick up by the Romanian company. Partners must be able to provide clean wastes. The partnership will be conducted via a services agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250