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A Romanian ESCO (Energy Services Company) offers integrated services and solutions to optimise energy consumption and reduce operational costs, through an outsourcing agreement

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Combined heat and power (CHP) engines
Energy management
Lighting, illumination
Process optimisation, waste heat utilisation
Combined heat and power (co-generation)
Metering and monitoring
Energy for the community/public sector
Energy for Industry
Engineering activities and related technical consultancy


The Romanian ESCO company, with over 15 years of experience, implements turnkey energy-saving projects (identification of the feasible solutions - implementation – monitoring the energy savings) - whether it is the industry, buildings, public authorities, energy infrastructure operators or utilities. The company will always look for sustainable, feasible solutions tailored to the client’s needs. The collaboration should be in the form of an Outsourcing agreement



Established in 2005, the ESCO company is based in the North-West of Romania, in Transylvania region.
The company aims to provide energy efficiency services and solutions in order to support both industrial and commercial buildings, with a positive impact on the company’s profitability.
The energy efficiency is achieved by identifying the opportunities to cut energy consumption and costs and by financing the feasible solutions, with payback from the resulted savings.

The main solutions offered are:
- Cogeneration / Tri-generation - Become independent from the power grid.
- LED lighting - Increase the productivity of the employees.
- Reactive power compensation - Reduce monthly costs with reactive energy by 98% – 100%.
- Execution of medium voltage networks - Reduce the costs of the energy bill by approx. 20%.
- Energy monitoring systems - Identify energy waste and related costs in real-time.
- Industrial automation - Reduce the specific energy use embedded in processes.
- Modernisation of electrical panels - Increase security in power supply
- Photovoltaic panels – Become independent from the energy produced by conventional technologies.

The primary services offered are:
- Energy audit - offers a clear and realistic overview of energy consumption.
- Energy management - increase the energy performance of the organisation.
- Feasibility studies - identify optimal energy efficiency solutions.
- ISO 5001 – consultancy - sustainably increase the company’s profitability.

The company offers solutions and services for:
- Industry
- Buildings
- Cities and public authorities
- Energy infrastructure operators
- Oil and gas companies

At the European level, the company is the technical partner in several research and development projects in the energy sector, aiming to:
- transform 14 hotels in Europe into buildings with almost zero energy consumption.
- demonstrate the economic and environmental benefits of the demand response in the blocks of buildings.
- develop new demand response solutions using blockchain technology.
- demonstrate the viability of integrating renewable energy sources (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) into buildings.
- emphasise the role and impact of energy managers in industry and buildings, including SMEs, in increasing the energy efficiency of their production facilities or in buildings.

In 2011, within a conference organised in Brussels, the company received from the European Agency for Energy Services within the European Commission, the distinction of "Best European energy service provider", in recognition of the results of the implemented projects.

The company is part of the ICP (Investor Confidence Project) alliance network along with other companies in the energy efficiency sector in Europe (http://europe.eeperformance.org/).

Today, the company identifies itself by a team of 32 specialists in energy engineering, automation, industrial processes, financial and marketing and it defines its daily activities, but also the strategy, through human values: passion for what it does, respect for well-being, courage in development and a focus on sustainable solutions.

The company is interested in a outsourcing agreement. More specifically they are looking for companies that want to implement energy efficiency projects within its facilities (factories or buildings). The company will implement the solutions for the partner.

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The Romanian company offers the following advantages and innovations: - The company has over 15 years of experience in implementing energy efficiency projects; - The company has experience in more than 800 energy efficiency projects; - Before implementing an energy efficiency project, the company conducts feasibility studies and does a real evaluation of different options and technologies so as the beneficiary would have a solution tailored to its needs; - The company uses equipments and technologies that are in line with the new digital technology and software; - The company does not only give specialised consultancy in implementing the energy efficiency projects, but also implements the project and offers financing solutions; - The company it is also involved in different research and development projects in the energy sector, thus it is constantly evolving to offer innovative solutions for its clients. By implementing the energy efficiency solutions proposed by the company, the clients will obtain the following benefits: - Set out an energy strategy, regarding the development and production enhancement plans, with a view to a sustainable optimisation of the specific cost per unit of product; - Reduce energy consumption; - Obtain energy savings; - Reduce operational costs; - Monitor and control of the energy and technological processes; - Optimise the performance of the industrial equipment or machinery: cooling and air compressors, furnaces, thermal plants, ventilation and pumping systems, mills, homogenisers; - Increase the company’s profitability; - Increase the power supply safety; - Increase employees’ productivity.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for clients whether they are in the industry sector, buildings, public authorities, energy infrastructure operators or utilities, which are interested in reducing their energy consumption and optimise the operational costs. However, the company is also open to establish new partnerships with suppliers of different technologies related to the energy efficiency sector (for example, energy monitoring systems). The collaboration should be in the form of an Outsourcing agreement.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500