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Romanian garden furniture company seeks manufacturing agreements

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Office furniture and other professional furnishings
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A Romanian company, located in the South Muntenia region, active in the manufacturing garden furniture is looking for partners to establish a manufacturing agreement on the European market.



The Romanian company, established in 2005, is an important manufacturer of garden furniture in the South Muntenia region.

The Romanian company can execute the following products at the clients' request:

1. garden pavilions made of wood;
2. wooden terraces;
3. wooden pergola - terrace covered with wooden pergola, are found in the area of restaurants and clubs;
4. wooden houses;
5. wooden fences;
6. garden furniture - tables and chairs, armchairs, swings, decorations, etc.

All the products of the Romanian company can be made according to the client's preferences, upon request.
Some of the products, such as - terraces, tables, chairs, wooden houses, etc. can be ordered by customers in different forms: rectangle, henxagonal, octagonal and square.
The wood used to make the products can be fir, oak, pine, acacia, horn-beam and stratified wood. It is finished and lacquered with wax based on water of the best quality in 2, 3 layers with polishing between them.
The roof is made of paneling and bituminous shingle, this being placed on a skeleton of cross beams, placed head to head.
The products can be mounted on a wooden floor or on a concrete ground. Clamping on the concrete ground can be done with L-shaped system or metal profiles with dowels.

Having a lot of potential, the company is looking for international cooperation in the form of manufacturing agreement in all EU countries, offering the manufacture of products at the customers' request.

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Main advantages aspects of the company and its products are: - The company has 14 years of experience in production of garden furniture; - Romanian company uses only natural raw materials in production process; - The Romanian company uses different technologies in wooden construction activities that give a wide range of alternatives for its customers; - Romanian company has permanent improvement of its business and production processes. - All products are made of lacquered wood, with a natural color, and provide maximum comfort for relaxation.

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Already on the market

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The Romanian company would like to establish long-term cooperation with a company from the wood sector or a related filed of activity (home, office or professional furnishing), who are looking for manufacturers able to produce garden wood products according to their requirements (Manufacturing Agreement)

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250