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Romanian IT company specialised in the development of digital signature software seeks outsourcing agreements

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A Romanian company develops professional e-signature products and digital time stamping software. The SME is interested in signing outsourcing agreements with partners from abroad, regardless of their country of origin.



The 1976 founded Romanian SME offers its clients need-oriented, data encryption software packages.
The first type of package focuses of the development of electronic signature software that facilitates the protection and distribution of legally sensitive documents, such as sales contracts or employment paperwork. This package ensures the right to sign documents electronically; to file tax returns to fiscal administration fiscal bodies; to participate in electronic auctions organised within the frame of public procurement electronic systems; and to access online services offered by state institutions.
The second type of packages includes digital certificates that prospective clients can use to create electronic signatures; to create legally valid electronic signatures; encrypt electronic information; reliably log in to applications and websites; and to identify certificate holders in the electronic environment.
The third type of package is designed to address timestamping needs. Digital stamps allow clients to maintain the privacy and authenticity of their documents; to validate time-related data; to add supplementary security to electronic signatures, digital signatures and codes; and to keep records of online information exchanges and deletions.
The Romanian IT company is interested in internationalising its business and introducing its services on new, foreign markets. By concluding outsourcing agreements with partners from abroad, the company hopes to extend its client portfolio and contact network and to gain more experience in the software development sector.

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The Romanian company offers businesses smart data encryption products and solutions. The e-signature pack is designed for conducting paperless business communication, exclusively by electronic means. The legally valid electronic signature guarantees the integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation of electronic messages and documents, allowing senders and recipients to sign time-sensitive documents on different internet-enabled devices and operating systems. The customised software packs offered by the Romanian SME also enable users to track document status and receive notifications when actions are required, to improve the productivity of workflows, to organise confidential documents more easily and to cut costs by reducing paper waste.

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The company is keen on concluding outsourcing agreements with international partners who lack these particular software services and are interested in purchasing smart digital encryption solutions for the purpose of securing their businesses. Potential partners are expected to offer detailed, specific descriptions of their business security needs, in order for the Romanian SME to be able to create customised, comprehensive data protection packages.

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SME 11-50,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500