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Romanian manufacturer of abrasive products is looking for European partners to collaborate under manufacturing or subcontracting agreements

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An experienced and well-established Romanian company producing abrasive products: tapes, discs, rollers or strips used in different fields of industry seeks partners from EU countries for cooperation based on manufacturing or subcontracting agreements.



The Romanian company was founded in 1992 and is an important manufacturer of abrasive products. Produces a wide range of abrasive products for use in different industrial segments.

The company is constantly investing in innovative and advanced technologies, as well as in qualification programs for its staff, to improve its market share by developing new innovative process operations. The company has experience in collaborating with European countries where it has had fruitful partnerships in the sale of customised abrasive strips. At the national level, the company has a chain of loyal customers who benefit from competitive prices and a wide range of products.

The equipments used have very high productivity, about 2-3 bands per minute. They can process 2000 segmented strips, with maximum dimensions of 1740x3250 mm width. It is possible to make overlapping joints or only at the bottoms at a cycle with a speed of up to 12 m / min.

The company makes competitive products for manual grinding and abrasive materials suitable for all the usual power tools, required by specialised customers in this field.

The company produces and stratifies abrasive products with different types of joints, sizes and shapes, according to the specifications of the customers. The main products are:
- narrow abrasive tapes with different dimensions: 70x2000mm, 90x2300mm, 120x5100mm, 120x6800mm, 150x7200mm. They contain paper or canvas and can be combined up to 3000 mm long;
- wide abrasive tapes: 1100x2200mm, 1200x2620mm, 1350x2620, 1400x2620mm;
- abrasive discs for grinding or cutting: 125mm, 150mm, 180mm;
- abrasive rollers 115x50m;
- abrasive strips 70x120mm, 80x115mm.

The Romanian company offers its expertise in transforming, coating and stratifying with flexible own abrasive materials on different support materials or with the client's materials.

The company offers to manufacture abrasive products for small and medium-sized EU companies, which are active in the wood processing industry, the machine building industry, the automotive industry, the construction activity, the leather and textile processing industry, etc. It is looking for partner to collaborate under manufacturing or subcontracting agreement.

The Romanian company offers manufacturing agreements because have the capacity (technical or means) to produce customised abrasive products for partners who want to increase their production and do not have the necessary equipment for specific products.

The company also offers its subcontracting services to partners who are seeking subcontractors for manufacture specific abrasive products to order, under subcontracting agreements.

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The company advantages are: - 27 years of experience in the field of abrasive materials; - A highly skilled team ensuring best quality of production; - Best price-quality ratio; - The company products are all certified for their ultra resistance, high security, customisation, lightweight, ecological and economical aspects; - Modern production lines (the equipment used is the latest generation ) that allow to the company to do just-in-time deliveries of the orders; - They combine their creativity and know-how with their raw material suppliers partners to enable the most demanding products; - They have the tools dedicated to the control and quality of their entire production; - Using high quality raw materials and accessories; - With its certifications, the company has always worked in strict quality process framework; - The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 standards and complies with all the norms.

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Already on the market

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The potential partner is a small or medium-sized company, operating in the wood processing industry, the equipment manufacturing industry, the auto industry, the construction products, the leather and textile processing industry etc. The sought company will be from EU and it must provide a long-term cooperation agreement. There are many possibilities for the agreement(s) which can be tailored to potential partner’s needs, and companies can decide the options for business growth and development. The Romanian company offers to become a subcontractor for its partners or to produce specific abrasive products to order. Is desired a collaboration under manufacturing or subcontracting agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10