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Romanian manufacturer of cleaning products for household and industrial use is looking for distribution services and commercial agency agreement

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This company is a manufacturer of high quality, EU standard compliant professional cleaning products, cosmetics and disinfectants. Their products are mainly used by commercial laundries, hotel and catering industry (HORECA), companies specialized in facility management services, factories and car-wash facilities. Wishing to expand their presence on foreign markets, the company seeks partners to work with under commercial agency or distribution services agreements.



The company has been manufacturing high-quality soaps, detergents and disinfectants since 1997, under their own registered brand, with a production capacity of 300 tonnes / month.

Production activities are supervised by a department of research and development specialists. High quality raw materials are used in the process, exclusively produced by top EU suppliers which are continuously pursuing quality improvement and minimizing environmental impact. Furthermore, the efficient equipment and clean technologies employed by the company guarantee the maintenance of such high quality standards.

The recipes developed by their specialists allow them to obtain non-toxic or low toxicity products, which are up to 90% biodegradable and delivered in recyclable and easy-to-use packaging.

Products are organised in different categories;
- professional laundry chemicals and dosing systems (neutral / enzyme detergent, chlorine / oxygen bleach, softener etc.);
- antiseptics and disinfectants;
- surface care cleaning products (carpet / glass / stainless steel / / leather / wood cleaner, disinfectant etc.);
- cleaning, descaling and disinfecting products used in sanitary spaces (liquid soap / shampoo, foam soap, antibacterial & moisturizing soap, scented descaling cleaner, toilet bowl disinfectant, scented chlorine solution, descaling cleaner for ecological toilets and septic tanks etc.);
- degreasing agents for industrial use (anti-rust cleaners, degreaser for bottle racks, reduced / rich clinging foam degreaser and dishwashing paste for the food industry, grease & oil remover, concrete, cement & caulk remover etc.);
- cleaning and descaling products for professional kitchens and equipment (reduced / rich clinging foam degreaser, dishwashing paste, descaling cleaner for kitchen utensils, liquid detergent for automatic dishwashers, degreasing gel for hobs an ovens, disinfectants, surface cleaners etc.);
- detergents, rinse aids and dosing systems for professional dishwashers;
- cosmetics for personal use (shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, shower gel);
- cleaning and care agents for car wash centers.

For cleaning products, packaging varies from 0,5L to 1L bottles for retail customers and from 5L to 20L canisters for professional users. For bigger consumers such as factories, products may be delivered in 100L and 200L drums or intermediate bulk containers (IBC) of 1000 kg.

As regards the products for personal use, packaging varies from 500ml to intermediate bulk containers (IBC) of 1000 kg.

Their offer also includes cleaning equipment imported from Turkey (serving / foldable / laundry trolleys, double bucket mopping trolleys, wet / micro / velcro / mops, mop holders, handle mats, glass squeegees, polishing pads, cleaning gloves, dust pans etc).

The company is looking for commercial partnerships (commercial agency or distribution services agreements) for the distribution of their products on foreign markets, under which advice and support for selling the products may be provided to partners. Such support may consist in providing distributors with “marketing sheets” especially prepared to be handed out to selling agents, containing information about the advantages of using the products, the area of application, recommended dosage etc. Call center services are available to international distributors with advice in English, French, Romanian, Spanish and Turkish. Additionally, logistics support may be available to international distributors for the transport of the merchandise.

For partners wishing to work under private label agreements, the company’s in-house product development department may provide support with the brand customization, such as for the selection of packaging, the design of the layer, the color and the perfume of the product etc., according to customer preferences.

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• Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the products are manufactured in compliance with the applicable EU standards; • All raw materials are REACH certified (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) and come from well-known European companies; • Material Safety Data Sheets and technical data sheets can be provided for all products in every European language, according to local legislation; • Ready to work under private label agreements, while the company’s in-house product development department may advise customers on different layer designs for their own brand; • All cosmetic products are notified through CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal) and the company takes full responsibility for them; • The company is financially and technically ready to market their high-quality products in all European countries; • High quality, concentrated professional products at more favourable prices compared to similar products manufactured in Western Europe.

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The company is looking for experienced distributors (wholesalers, retailers, agents) to promote and market their branded cleaning products and equipment for industrial and household use, to work with under distribution services or commercial agency agreements. Such partners should have established distribution networks in the home care and industrial cleaning markets. The company also seeks partners which may wish to sell the cleaning products under private label agreements, with possible support to personalize such products.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250