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Romanian manufacturer of handmade cosmetics seeks international business partners under distribution agreements

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A Romanian company manufactures 100% natural, handmade cosmetics for women and men. The company manufactures a wide range of products including creams, elixirs, body butters, scrubs and exfoliants, lip balms etc. All products are manufactured based on company’s own recipes. The company wishes to expand its market internationally and seeks international business partners to conclude distribution agreements.



The Romanian company has 3 years’ experience in developing and marketing natural cosmetic products with different natural fragrances, for both men and women.
The company manufactures 100% natural cosmetic products based on its own recipes. Products are manufactured in small series, using slow manufacturing processes with moderate temperatures to ensure all active ingredients properties remain intact.
The Romanian company’s product portfolio includes the following:
- creams: day, night, anti-wrinkle and eye-contour anti-wrinkle cream;
- anti-wrinkle elixirs;
- body butters;
- body scrubs and face exfoliants;
- facial serums;
- lip balms;
- after shave creams;
- soaps and shampoos;
All products are manufactured using natural ingredients, which include butters (e.g. shea, coconut, cocoa etc.), oils (e.g. macadamia, almonds, jojoba) and anti-wrinkle active ingredients such as different plant extracts. Products are available in different fragrances including mint, chocolate, lemongrass, lavender, marigold, tea tree, cherry etc. All fragrances used in the manufacturing process are 100% natural, obtained using essential oils and plant extracts. Products are available for different skin types.
The Romanian company currently addresses the national market; its clients include mainly natural shops.
Wishing to expand its market internationally, the Romanian firm is currently seeking international business partners interested in distributing its products abroad. Cooperation will be based on distribution services agreements.

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The company offers the following advantages: - high quality cosmetics for women and men, based on company’s own recipes; - clinically tested products, complying with European quality and safety regulations; - diverse product fragrances (e.g. cherry, marigold, mint, lavender etc.); - all ingredients and raw materials used in the manufacturing process are tested for skin biocompatibility. No mineral oils, paraffins, parabens or additives are used. - willingness to create new products and/ or add new fragrances according to clients’ requirements; - the company’s products are offered under the firm’s own brand, which is a registered trademark.

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Already on the market

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The Romanian company seeks to identify international business partners interested in distributing its products. Potential partners include distributors specialised in natural products. It is preferable that potential partners have a good knowledge of the natural cosmetics market and a distribution network including natural shops, cosmetic shops, pharmacy chains etc. interested in high quality, handmade, natural cosmetics. The Romanian company will provide interested partners with a detailed list of the products available. Cooperation with the potential partners will be based on distribution services agreements.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250