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Romanian manufacturer of handmade cosmetics seeks suppliers of natural oils and butters, under supplier agreements

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Health and beauty aids
Manufacture of perfumes and toilet preparations


A Romanian company manufactures 100% natural handmade cosmetics for women and men, including creams, elixirs, body butters, scrubs and exfoliants, lip balms etc. and all products are manufactured based on the company’s own, original recipes. In the manufacturing process, the Romanian firm uses only natural butters and oils. Thus, the company seeks suppliers of natural oils and butters for cosmetic use, under supplier agreements.



The Romanian company has three years’ experience in developing and marketing natural cosmetic products with different natural flagrances for both men and women.
The company manufactures 100% natural cosmetic products based on its own recipes.
Products are manufactured in small series, using slow manufacturing processes with moderate temperatures to ensure all active ingredients properties remain intact. All products are manufactured using natural ingredients.
The company’s product portfolio includes the following:
- creams: day, night, anti-wrinkle and eye-contour anti-wrinkle cream;
- anti-wrinkle elixirs;
- body butters;
- body scrubs and face exfoliants;
- facial serums;
- lip balms;
- after shave creams;
- soaps and shampoos;
In order to best answer clients’ requirements, the company is interested in identifying new international business partners able to supply vegetable butters, and vegetable oils for cosmetic use. Cooperation will be based on supplier agreements.

Advantages & innovations

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Cooperation with the Romanian company will provide interested partners the opportunity of entering the Romanian cosmetics market which is currently following a positive trend.

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The following products are required by the Romanian company: - vegetable butters: shea, cocoa and coconut; - vegetable oils: almonds, macadamia, jojoba, orange and lemongrass; - vitamins: A and E; All products are required in 1 litre containers, including vitamins A and E. Suppliers should provide relevant technical documentation for the products offered (i.e. compliance certificates, details regarding the chemical composition of the products offered). All products should have organic certification. The Romanian company estimates orders of approx. 1 litre/vegetable butters, oils and vitamins sought, placed every 3 months.

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Already on the market

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The Romanian company seeks to identify international business partners able to supply vegetable butters and oils. Interested partners should provide the Romanian company with a detailed list of the products available, together with all relevant product details (i.e. organic certifications held, if any; packaging available etc.). Cooperation with the potential partners will be based on supplier agreements.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250