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A Romanian manufacturer of metal and plastic products is seeking international business partners to conclude manufacturing agreements

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Metals and Alloys
Plastics, Polymers
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Office furniture and other professional furnishings
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Manufacture of wire products, chain and springs


The Romanian company specialises in the manufacturing of a wide array of metal and plastic products used in the auto parts, furniture and electrical installations industries. The company is seeking international business partners for concluding manufacturing agreements.



The Romanian company is a metal and plastic products manufacturer, enjoying a good positioning on the national market. The main product categories include:
- Small size objects manufactured through machining processes: washers, bolts, bushings, hinges, rivets. To this end, different types of metal (steel, aluminium, brass, copper, stainless steel) and plastic are processed;
- Wire products such as hooks, arches, clips. The wire used in the production process has a thickness between 0,5 and 4 mm and is heat treated to ensure the preservation of the necessary product characteristics (e.g. endurance, flexibility, reliability over time);
- Components manufactured from sheet metal by pressing: clips, plates, boxes;
- Small size plastic products manufactured using injection processes: plugs, rolls, wheels, caps.

The company’s main clients are companies active on the national market in the following industries: auto parts, furniture manufacturing, electrical installations, constructions.

The Romanian company wants to expand its client portfolio internationally by identifying new business partners. In this respect, the firm intends to conclude long-term partnerships with companies interested in outsourcing the manufacturing of their products.
Cooperation with the interested partners will be based on manufacturing agreements.

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The production activity is conducted with highly qualified personnel with over 15 years technical expertise. This contributes to ensuring a high-quality level of the final products. The Romanian company enjoys a good reputation regarding the order completion time and an excellent price-quality ratio for its products. The raw materials used in the production process are certified for conformity, quality and chemical composition. For the products requiring welding in the manufacturing process, the company uses corgon (Argon and CO2), which has good fusion characteristics for stronger jointing. The company offers samples to interested partners.

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Already on the market

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The Romanian company is offering to manufacture products for international companies active in the following areas: auto parts production, furniture manufacturing, electrical installations. Products will be custom made based on the technical specifications received from the partner. Cooperation with the partners identified will be based on manufacturing agreements.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250