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Romanian manufacturer of natural products made of ecologically certified blackcurrants is looking for an agent to represent its products abroad

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Located in Transylvania, a Romanian grower of ecologically certified blackcurrant is producing healthy natural blackcurrant products, such as: jam (with or without sugar), syrup, raw nectar, wine and vinegar. Willing to go international, the Romanian company is interested in commercial agency agreements with foreign partners looking for special agrofood products.



Established in Transylvania in 2014, a Romania company is manufacturing a wide range of natural products made from ecologically certified blackcurrants.

In love with nature and a healthy lifestyle, the Romanian company started its business by cultivating 4 varieties of blackcurrants on its own 3 hectares of properly groomed land.
In time, the blackcurrant crops became stronger and reliable and after many rigorous analyses the blackcurrants were ecologically certified by the national authorities.
Thus, the Romanian company started transforming the blackcurrants fruits in healthy natural products: jam (with or without sugar), syrup, raw nectar, wine and vinegar.

The Romanian company’s artisanal products are the following:
- blackcurrant jams made with sugar – single or in combination with berries from spontaneous local flora (raspberries, blueberries, sea buckthorn, cranberries, cherries, apricots) and even rum (200 g or 270 g jars);
- blackcurrant jams no added sugar - single or in combination with cranberries, sea buckthorn, blueberries, apricots (200 g jars);
- blackcurrant syrup – with regular sugar, with raw sugar or no sugar, in various combinations ( blackcurrant & raspberries, blackcurrant & apricots, blackcurrant & cranberries, blackcurrant & mint ) – 250 ml bottle;
- blackcurrant raw nectar – made to order only;
- blackcurrant wine - single (750 ml bottle) or in combination with Swiss pine crashed cones (375 ml bottle);
- blackcurrant vinegar (250 ml bottle).

Having in view the fact that blackcurrants are small "bombs" of vitamin C (100 g = 300% of the daily requirement for an adult), antioxidants (2 times more than blueberries), potassium (2 times more than bananas) and others microelements, the Romanian company focuses on providing natural products, without preservatives or any other additive, from chemically untreated fruits. Blackcurrant products are boiled slowly, on a wood fire, in an artisanal workshop, where jars and bottles are sterilized via bain-marie.

Already known in Transylvania, the Romanian company is willing to make known its blackcurrant artisanal products worldwide via foreign agents interested in commercial agency agreement.

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- 7 years of experience in cultivating blackcurrants and manufacturing healthy natural blackcurrant products, such as: jam (with or without sugar), syrup, raw nectar, wine and vinegar; - ecologically certified blackcurrants; - 3 ha of properly groomed land; - healthy blackcurrant products addressing a wide range of customer preferences; - experience in international commerce.

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The Romanian company is looking for foreign agents to cooperate under commercial agency agreement so as to sell the healthy natural blackcurrant products abroad. The potential partner could be among SMEs active in the agrofood sector or healthy food products, hotels, restaurants, gourmet shops, addressing a wide range of customers. Specific details of the commercial agency agreement are to be discussed directly with the foreign partner.