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Romanian manufacturer of zeolite sand for filters and bedding for ponds is looking for distributors

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A Romanian company specialized in the extraction and processing of zeolite minerals is looking for a partner to distribute their products for water treatment on the international market: - Sand for filters – used in water filtration stations - Bedding for ponds and fish ponds The products are 100% natural and eco-friendly, with proven results in improving water quality through filtration and purification, by absorption of toxic substances and sedimentation of impurities.



The company has been founded in 2013 and its aim is to exploit one of the few deposits of zeolites in Romania.
The zeolites processing factory has opened in June 2015 when the investment program was completed and the advanced production line, with breakthrough technology that allows processing of zeolite rocks has been up and running.
The extraordinary properties of zeolites have defined the company's interest to turn a natural and ecological resource into finite products or raw material for various industries.
Two of those products are destined for the water treatment: sand for filters and bedding for ponds and fish ponds.

1. Sand for filters
Waste water and discharged industrial water contain more and more pollutants. Even ground water or mountain rivers which in the past could be used without problems are now affected by pollutants infiltration in the earth's crust, acid rains or upstream uncontrolled discharges.
Therefore, the drinking water supply of settlements involves filtration to eliminate toxic substances and removing sediments.
The company’s product is a zeolite sand with important properties in absorbing harmful substances and improving water quality. Zeolite has a much larger absorption surface than other materials used in water filtration procedures. Thus, the product layer used in filtration systems can be much thinner than in the case of other materials such as quartz.
Also, due to the structure of zeolites, the water passes through the filter granules and not around them, for ”washing" type purification. This is why the absorption of harmful substances is much higher than with other types of sand filtration.
On the other hand, the product is not a chemical that leaves traces in drinking water.
It can be used in:
• Water filtration stations
• Potable water tanks that feed farm animals
• Water tanks that feed the irrigation systems
• The water in the pool to remove bad odors or toxic substances
• Water filtration in aquariums and terrariums

2. Bedding for ponds and fish ponds
Ponds and fish ponds are true oases of energy that offers the peace and relaxation you need in a fast pace of daily life.
Still, their maintenance is difficult and the water quality is essential to ensure a favorable climate for fish and vegetation which complete their beauty.
Even when ponds or fish ponds are fed by a stream, there is no guarantee that it is clean and free of toxic substances.
The company’s product is specially created to be used as a substrate in ponds and fish ponds with an active role in water purification by absorbing toxic substances and sedimenting impurities.
It is based on clinoptilolytic zeolite which, through its properties, helps to substantially improve water quality.
Fish full of life and colourful plants are what a lake or a pond with good quality water can offer.

The quality of raw material is proved by numerous documents:
• Chemical analysis
• Mineralogical analysis
• Various studies and researches regarding the main usages of zeolites in different areas
• Analysis for material radioactivity
• Document showing the properties of retaining heavy metals and radioactive substances
• Dioxin analysis
• Analyses regarding the cationic exchange capabilities
• Sanitary notices issued by specialised institutions
There is no part of the technological process that involves the use of toxic substances. There is only the extraction of ore from the quarry and its processing process, which is done through specific procedures.
The exploitation done by the company meets all environmental requirements. All procedures are performed under the authorisation of legal institutions.
The company is interested to distribute its products on the international market.
Therefore, they are looking for companies working or providing services in the water treatment field, to collaborate under a distribution services agreement.

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100% Natural product Eco-friendly product Approved by Ecocert The products are made out of clinoptilolite zeolite, extracted and processed by the company, which is distinguished by its purity and enhanced properties compared to other types of zeolites. The mineralogical analyses show that the concentration of zeolites is above 90%, which makes the zeolite ore a rare one in the world. -Water treatment for drinking purposes: Clinoptilolithic zeolite can be used for drinking-water treatment of groundwater and surface water as well. In modern processes of deferment and demanganization, zeolites can function simultaneously as the oxidation and filtration medium. Clinoptilolytic zeolite has a high absorption capacity for some organic microporous, which recommends it in the surface water treatment process for the purpose of potable water. -Decontamination of radioactive waters: Natural zeolites, particularly clinoptilolite is widely used in the field of waste water treatment containing radioactive isotopes: 134Cs +, 137Cs +, 90Sr2 +, Th4 +, U6 +. Once saturated with cesium, clinoptilolite can be stored for a long time under optimum conditions view of radioactivity. Cesiums from such stocks can be chemically recovered, in which case clinoptilolite is considered reusable. Advantages of using zeolite in water treatment: • Absorbs heavy metals from water • Absorbs toxic ammonia and sulfide hydrogen • Reduce the concentration of chlorinated hydrocarbons • Removes odors • Adjust the water PH reducing its acidity • Improves chemical oxygen values and biochemical of water • It contributes to the denitrification of water • Reduce the concentration of nitrogen • Prevents clogging due to sediment in filters • It helps to segregate the sediments from water • Reduces algae growth and multiplication • Improves the health of the aquatic environment • Reduce the cost of filtering as it is a more efficient product than other chemicals

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The company is interested in finding partners to distribute their products on the international market. The partners should work or provide services in the following fields of business: drinking water treatment plants - municipalities; wastewater treatment plants - municipalities any factory that uses water in the production process (slaughterhouses); distributors for pool products. The collaboration would be under the form of a distribution services agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500