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Romanian mattress manufacturer seeks business partners to cooperate under a manufacturing /distribution agreement

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A Romanian mattress manufacturer is looking for business partners interested to cooperate under a manufacturing agreement (e.g. hotel chains) or companies (furniture distributors, bedding retailers, interior designers etc) interested to cooperate under a distribution agreement.



Founded in 2012 in Sibiu, the Romanian company started as a small family business producing only a few models of spring core mattresses. Over time, based on the manager's previous experience within the industry and taking into account the market’s demand, the company identified a new niche and expanded its product portfolio by introducing several new products, including the premium and super-premium mattresses. This helped the company to gain market foothold and an important market share within mattresses industry, becoming one of the largest mattresses manufacturers in Transylvania.

Currently the product range includes memory foam mattresses with/without interconnected innerspring systems, orthopaedic mattresses and premium mattresses with independent pocket springs. Also the company produces memory foam mattresses toppers. Each product manufactured in Sibiu can be tailored according to the client’s needs, specifications and dimensions.

In order to ensure better efficiency in the manufacturing process and reduce waste, the company renewed its technologies using EU grants. This investment facilitated the introduction of a new product - the super orthopaedic mattress. This innovative product is made of unique, state-of-the-art Smartcell fabric.

At the moment, the company operates only on the domestic market and its mattresses can be found in many renowned hotels around Romania. The company’s clients include hotel chains and distributors active in the furniture sector.

Taking into account the recent investment in technologies and know how gained within the industry, the company intends to extend at an international level, and therefore it is looking to cooperate under a long term manufacturing agreement with hotels chains interested in custom made products or under a distribution agreement with companies active in the furniture sector.

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Recently, the Romanian manufacturer upgraded its technologies and developed a new production facility. Furthermore, the company introduced a new product – the super orthopaedic mattress. This innovative product is made of unique, state-of-the-art Smartcell fabric. By improving the efficiency and performance of the manufacturing process the company can provide good quality products, according to the client’s needs.

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The company is looking for long term cooperation in the framework of a manufacturing or a distribution agreement. The potential business partners should be hotel chains interested in starting long term collaboration with the Romanian SME and sign a manufacturing agreement for producing customized mattresses, according to the their own needs, specifications and dimensions. Also, the potential business partners can be distributors, companies active on the furniture market, with an established client base and who are interested to expand their product portfolio and to sign a distribution agreement with the Romanian mattresses producer.

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The company is looking to sign long term cooperation agreements with: a. companies interested in signing manufacturing agreements for producing custom made mattresses according their own needs, specifications and dimensions. E.g. hotel chains etc. b. companies with an established client base, interested in signing distribution services agreements and act as distributors for the company's existing product portfolio. Possible business partners can be: retailer / whole-sellers (bedding/furniture), interior designers and architecture companies etc.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250