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Romanian medical software solution for improving every individual or couple private life

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The Romanian software company has developed an application which is a mix between medical sciences, psychology, technology, and human behavior studies, aiming to inform, diagnose and to optimize sexual and couple life, but also for treating female and male sexual dysfunctions. The company would like to engage in commercial agreements with technical assistance with international partners.



The Romanian software company located in Transylvania has over 15 years of experience in the field of software development and is specialized in business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) software requirements. As the private life is still a taboo for the most part of the population, due to education or social life and as 34% of the world's population is suffering from one or more sexual dysfunctions (according to the World Health Organization), the Romanian software company has developed a medical software application to be used as modern method of clinical intervention for optimizing sexual and couple life, but also for treating female and male sexual dysfunctions.

The software application is an important tool in assessing, testing and resolving sexual disorders. At the same time, this technique has proven its effectiveness in sex education, as well as in interactions with other remote sexual partners through the internet, software and the advanced technology used. Consequently, the application is a method in treating sexual dysfunctions and in optimizing the intimate and couple life, being an advanced, scientifically validated and ergonomic one.

The application gives people interested in sexual performance, researchers and students in the clinical field quick access to clinical evaluation and testing, as well as, standardized sex life intervention protocols. The user of the application will have full offline access to all scientifically validated resources to improve and optimize your sex and couple life through a user account.

The tool is using 4 different questionnaires, the first one is for identifying the affected or not affected people - free of charge for every user - and the other three are made for defining the degree of these affections - with payment. Depending on the severity of the disorder, 20 standardized and validated protocols for sexual dysfunctions will be followed in order to fix the situation. None of these questionnaires or protocols need the presence of physicians or psychologists and everybody can use the application for its needs or for a second medical opinion.

In order to achieve the highest degree of expertise and innovation and to increase the number of functionalities of this application, the Romanian company has worked with scientific experts with doctoral studies in medical sciences and psychology and with service providers in the fields of psychology, medicine and IT. Collaborations with researchers from several prestigious Romanian universities, together with the most famous sexology institutions in the world and with other non-governmental institutions also played an important role for the development of the software application.

The company is looking for ICT integrators with experience in the area of psychology, medicine and IT willing to further help in the development of the application, under commercial agreements with technical assistance.

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Technology advantages: * identifying a sexual disorder and/ or a couple problem or the opportunity to optimize the relationship and sex life; * accessing complex evaluation and testing tools; Company advantages: * more than 15 years of experience in a private clinic, more than 5000 patients sample, with a 94% rate of success. * The Romanian company has a team defined by tradition, science and professionalism that focuses on innovation in sexual health services, providing users of computers, tablets and mobile standardized, scientifically validated and state-of-the-art applications to increase the quality of sex, couple and family life. As a leader in its field, the Romanian company has a team of top experts in the fields of IT, robotics, computers, psychology and medicine. * The team currently collaborates with the most renowned sexology institutions in the world, as well as with other non-governmental institutions on various research projects, scientific advice as well as on other similar activities.

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The Romanian software company is looking for partners under a commercial agreement with technical assistance. The partners sought should be: - ICT companies with experience in the medical medical sciences and psychology; - large companies from the medical sciences and psychology industry. The partners should integrate the application and provide content according to their specific activity. The Romanian company will support its partners with technical assistance, in order to create specialized services that will seamlessly interoperate, thus creating a sophisticated and customisable working environment for the foreign end users. If needed, the Romanian company will also provide staff training.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500