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Romanian photography artist seeks international business partners for concluding outsourcing agreements

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Cultural Heritage
Visualisation, Virtual Reality
Description Image/Video Computing
Creative services
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Movies, movie products and theatre operations
Music, records, production and instruments
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Located in Transylvania, a Romanian photography artist, specialised in cultural, pets photography and travel journals, offers photography, video production and post-production services under outsourcing agreements.



A Romanian photography artist has over 10 years of experience mostly in projects related to culture (theatre), pets photography and travel journals.

Currently, the Romanian photography artist addresses national clients in the private, business and culture sectors, as it follows: school and educational projects, painting workshops, international books festivals, book launches, slam poetry events, concerts and bands festivals/events, traditional dancing and music camps, theatre and cinema events, film festivals dedicated to visual anthropology, restaurants and food gatherings, fashion magazines and festivals, pets photography, animal shelter gatherings, photo exhibitions, sports events and different celebrations.

Services offered by the Romanian photographer for the potential partners are:
• photography: advertising, fashion, products, portrait, food, pets;
• video production: short films, corporate videos; music videos; theatre intro videos, fashion movies.
• post production: video editing, colour correction, visual special effects, sound design, soundtrack.

The Romanian photography artist aims to expand and enrich its portfolio and therefore is offering its professional photography services on a long-term basis for new international business partners (e.g. Start-ups, SMEs and NGOs). The company is interested in performing professional photography services within the frame of outsourcing agreements.

Advantages & innovations

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- over 10 personal exhibitions; - collaborations with various press agencies; - promoting and cultivating art performances and mixed media; - visual storytelling to promote brands, people, events and products - could work in a group with interdisciplinary professionals from art, design, photography, video, film, music, literature, poetry, theatre, culture, marketing, sales, press, production; - expertise in making subjects (artists who participate in performing arts, such as: actors, comedians, dancers, magicians, circus artists, musicians and singers, songwriters, choreographers, poets, writers etc.) feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Partner sought

Cooperation area: 
The suitable partners are Start-ups, SMEs and NGOs working in the creative field and who are willing to start a new project or have a project in progress and are looking for photography related partners, in the frame of outsourcing agreements. For the cultural side the projects of interest comprise professionals from interdisciplinary background as art, design, video, film, music, literature, poetry, theatre, culture, press, marketing, sales, production. For the pets photography side the projects of interest comprise pets owners, pets lovers, animal shelters, veterinarians. The partners should provide all the requirements and should be involved in the process of the project.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500