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Romanian producer of bone broth made with organic ingredients and traditional methods of preparation and preservation, is looking for distributors.

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A company located in the north-east Romania is producing a premium bone broth, solely made with organic ingredients, using traditional methods of preparation and preservation. They are interested in finding distributors in Europe.



The company, based in Romania, is founded in 2017. They were set up as a start-up, for which they received funding. In 2018, the business expanded, being accepted into an important project of a major international bank, receiving funding benefits, with which they bought the most advanced equipment, carefully selected and fitted to obtain a perfect product.
They are producing premium bone broth, a cooking base exclusively made with organic ingredients, using traditional methods of preparation and preservation. Bone broth , a common food that is intensively used in many countries, is nowadays being recognized for its health benefits. The healing benefits are promoted by nutritionists and doctors, being subject of informative or scientific books and articles. No chemical, synthesis elements are added in the recipe. The special sterilisation process that ends the production flow allows preserving the broth without loosing or diminishing the nutritional content. Their products are an essential cooking base for preparing cream soups, sauces and gravies, stews, risotto and other complex dishes.
The ingredients are: chicken or beef bones, water, carrots, parsley, onion, iodised salt.
Production flow: product exclusively obtained from natural ingredients by long slow boil (of over 12 hours) and preserved by sterilisation (following a traditional method). 100% Romanian product.
Storage: should be kept at 2-6 °C.
Expiration date: 90 days shelf life from the date of production, before opening the jar; lasts 48 hours after opening it.
Packaging: glass jars with lids; net weight of 400 g and 800 g for household use and for the HORECA sector packed in 1700 g jars.
Shelving: in refrigerated shelf or showcase (cool storage).
The final customer of this product can be any individual who wants to cook at home or in the horeca domain. The company is interested in finding distributors in Europe, in order to sign a distribution service agreement.

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The product has 3 advantages: it enhances the flavor of the food, it adds valuable nutrients, it simplifies and shortens the cooking process. The company is the only organic producer of bone broth in the area. It has the legal right to manufacture and sell in the European Union.

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The sought partner should be a distributor from Europe. It is desired to sign a distribution service agreement.


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