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Romanian producer of bottled spring water is looking for distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.

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A Romanian producer of natural flat water, is looking for business partners in the EU countries. The company is interested in expanding internationally with the support of a distributor or commercial agent.



The Romanian company started its activity in 1995. The company carries out multifunctional fish farming activity, which involves the realization of the entire commercial chain: production of raw materials (through its own fish farms), production of finished products (through fish processing, marketing and distribution of finished products (through its own restaurants and shops and traditional distribution networks).
The company owns: 2 carp fish farms, which total an area of about 320 ha of water, a sturgeon farm (sturgeon), two trout farms, a fish processing section and 6 shops for the sale of fish and fish dishes.
The fish brand is built on elements that emphasize the closeness to nature.
In 2015, the company launched the new bottled spring water, a new product on the Romanian market.
The product is characterized by water quality and purity. The area of origin of the water is located in the forest with a tradition in natural springs, where the bottling plant is also located. The company has invested in state-of-the-art equipment. The factory has a capacity of 1,000 bottles per hour. Currently, flat water is available at 0.5 l, 1.25 l and 2 l.
Flat water has a pH of 7.2 and falls into the category of slightly alkaline waters; this gives the body a good functioning of the digestive system, ensuring the optimal level of fluids, implicitly a proper level of hydration. It is recommended to consume alkaline water in conditions of intense physical effort. Flat water is sold for important therapeutic benefits.
The Romanian company is already involved in the EU market and is looking for new reliable partners, preferably experienced distributors, with a strong network in chains of shops, hotels, restaurants, bars, etc., to sell branded water by concluding an agreement distribution services.
The company is looking for trustworthy partners to distribute its water, with a former experience in the distribution of drinks and a great understanding of their local market, especially in Food service and / or Food retail. The company is open to commercial agency agreements.

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- the design of the packaging is attractive and pleasant to the touch - the portrait of the flat water brand is attractive, the product is placed in the premium category, having a predominantly feminine identity, which transmits spirituality, peace and balance - modern investment in a bottling plant for water taken from a protected forest source - flat water has a pH of 7.2 and falls into the category of slightly alkaline waters; Flat water is sold for important therapeutic benefits: • prevents and relieves headaches; • contributes at the fluidity of the blood and assure the filtered into the liver tissues. For this reason, water intake greatly influences the detoxifying capacity of the liver. • increases the efficiency of red blood cells in the process of collecting oxygen in the lungs; • increases skin elasticity; • it is the main lubricant of the joints; • prevents arterial obstruction in the heart

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for a reliable, long-term partner in the field of beverage distribution. The potential partner should be flexible and active as a distributor, with an extensive logistics and distribution network throughout the country, so that the products reach end customers in supermarkets, stores, market chains, HORECA, food service and / or food retail. The partner will be responsible for the development of the brand on their national market. The maximum seriousness is pursued in the collaboration and identification of the best market development strategy, based on the distribution services agreement or commercial agreement. The company wants a partner with previous experience, as a sales agent or distributor of drinks or water.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250,>500