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Romanian producer of dry underfloor heating is looking for distributors

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Erosion, Removal (spark erosion, flame cutting, laser, ..)
Materials, components and systems for construction
Lightweight materials
Thermal insulation
Heat recovery
Roofing activities
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Romanian company specializing in the production of lightweight adaptable heating systems is looking for international partners interested in a long-term collaboration as distributors for an already on the market product under a distribution services agreement.



The Romanian SME, with a small team and with a cumulative experience over 82 years of civil engineering, is specialized in production of heating systems adaptable to different applications within the construction and green construction industry (historical buildings, new residential buildings to industrial buildings). The company employs an eco-friendly approach throughout the product life cycle. The production process includes the optimization of the technological flow which has led to a reduction in energy consumption in production, extensive use of automation to reduce consumption, a modified work program to maximize the use of natural light in relation to temperature to avoid over-heating of industrial cooling systems. Materials used in production and delivery are also eco-friendly. The produced heating system can be easily used in new and old constructions, permanent homes, holiday cottages, residential and office buildings, commercial spaces or car showrooms. Fitting of the heating system is available in 3 patterns: simple coil, double coil or worm format depending on the surface available. The system is 100% waterproof making it feasible for use in wet areas such as pools or spas, offers a high degree of sound insulation and can be used with any heat source.

With its own team in redesign, conversion and technical support, the company operates, at the moment, only in the Romanian market and is interested to expand its business by bringing the heating system and product to new markets based on long-term collaborations with international partners. The considered cooperation type is under a distribution agreement with companies which are active in the construction industry or construction related, including wholesalers, designers, architects.

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- the plates of the heating system have a thickness of 18 mm, while classic underfloor heating systems have a thickness of 30 mm - The heating system doesn't require the application of a leveled layer of cement or other material before installation, making it possible to apply the finish immediately after assembly - no previous expertise is needed for final installation, which is a 3 step process - it is 50% more energy efficient than other heating systems - the company uses recyclable or recycled materials that improve the biomechanical properties of the product

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Already on the market

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Potential partners should be active in the construction industry and related fields of activity such as building design, interior design, wholesales, interested in becoming distributors of lightweight underfloor heating systems. The company is interested in establishing a long-term collaboration with partners open to a distribution services agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


The heating system before final overlay finish