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Romanian producer of natural fruits and vegetables juices is looking for distributors and agents

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The Romanian company produces natural pure juice and wishes to explore new international business collaboration opportunities. The company is interested in finding partners from the whole world through a distribution agreement and commercial agency agreement for its products.



The Romanian company, established in 2003 is specialized in production and bottling of natural juices. The main product is the apple juice, that is 100% natural, contains no sugar, dyes or preservatives. In order to produce this juice, the company uses only Romanian apples. The juice is produced from farm-grown apples. The fruits are carefully selected and harvested by hands in order to ensure quality and taste of the drink. The company processes 120-130 tons of apples, collected from the farmers from all the neighboring localities. Apple juice is made according to the traditional recipe: the apples are washed, pressed, squeezed and pasteurized at a temperature of 75-80 degrees.
The packaging in which it is presented is "bag in box", but also, bottles of glass. Regarding the "bag in box", the interesting part of this type of packaging is the valve, which does not allow access to the air, which makes the product maintain its nutritional qualities and gives it a validity of one year from the date of manufacture and 30 days from the moment in which was opened.
Also, the company produces natural juices from carrots, plums, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, oranges.

The company is looking to expand their business to different markets abroad and offers to work under a distribution services agreement or a commercial agency agreement.

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The company doesn't add any sugar, water or preservatives and doesn't use concentrate, so the products are non-Genetically modified organism(GMO), free of additives, artificial flavorings and colorants. Wide range of tastes suitable for different markets. Throughout the production process, the company follows the HACCP (hazard analysis critical control point) procedure. The company constantly strives to meet the needs and expectations of customers by providing the highest quality products that meet the stringent requirements of the European Union and the global market. All the fruits and vegetables are from Romanian local producers. The company knows these from growth to becoming a juice ingredient. It uses so-called gentle pasteurization in the process of production, which allows to keep useful natural properties of fruits, berries and vegetables, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The Romanian company has a good commercial experience with the sales of natural fruits and vegetables juices on the Romanian specialized market.

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The company’s ideal partners should be wholesalers of beverages, distributors and agents with sales channels including department stores, supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurants, bars, HORECA channels or other companies that deal with this sector. The company wants to start profitable and long-lasting partnerships with agents and distributors all around the world and offers to work under a distribution services agreement or a commercial agency agreement.