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Romanian producer of various types of nets (fishing and sports netting) is looking for distributors on the EU market

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Textiles (synthetic and natural)
Manufacture of cordage, rope, twine and netting
Manufacture of other technical and industrial textiles
Manufacture of other textiles n.e.c.


Romanian company specialized in the production of nets for various purposes (fishing, protection of sport fields, agriculture purposes, etc) is looking to expand its market by finding distributors in EU specialized markets.



Romanian company, founded in 1927, specialized in the production of fishing nets and equipment for inland and sea waters is looking to sell its products on the European specific market.
Over the last 20 years, the factory gradually developed and completed its equipment with modern technological lines
and modern machinery imported from Italy, Germany and Japan. The Romanian company became the leader in producing sports nets and fishing nets and gear for the Eastern European market and, at the same time a major supplier of thread, cordage, ropes, string, nets for the Romanian companies.
The company's main products are:
- football/handball/volley/ hockey nets;
- golf/tennis fields protection nets,
- enclosure nets;
- cast nets;
- pound nets;
- hammocks;
All products are manually or mechanically produced of square mesh UV treated synthetic thread. Fibers are waterproof and resistant to abrasion.
The Romanian company is interested in finding new distribution markets across Europe, by selling his specialized products on the specific market(sportive fishery and leisure, sports).

Advantages & innovations

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All company's products are very high quality parameters being appreciated both on domestic and foreign markets. In the South East of the country is the only manufacturer of fishing nets and tools for interior water and sea fishing. With its varied range of products, the Romanian company has proven high adaptability to changes responding to the needs and requirements of all its customers.

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Access to the specialized market: - sports items distributors and sports clubs. - fishing industry: equipment distributors or final users

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Already on the market

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The envisaged partner should be a specialized selling/distribution company with connection to the sports, fishing, agriculture field, such as fishing shops, fishing resorts, leisure items shops. The Romanian clients wants to sell his products internationally. Also the Romanian company is looking for partners involved in sport activities or specialized shops for sport items.

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SME 51-250