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Romanian provider of training, team building and consultancy services offers strategic personnel development to the European market

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A Romanian company is specialized in providing training courses (organizational leadership, critical thinking, strategic planning, time management, effective communication, presentation guides) and team building programs, as well as consultancy and macro-planning services for companies. Following original and efficient methodologies, the Romanian team is interested in offering its special services to potential international partners based on outsourcing or services agreement.



Located in Transylvania, a Romanian company with an extensive experience of more than 15 years of activity in the army special operations forces offers to the business environment useful courses for any organization, namely various training packages based on the experience, knowledge and skills the Romanian team has acquired over time.
Focused on the training and development of managerial skills, both within the organization and in the entire professional and social environment, the Romanian company is specialized in providing training, team building and consultancy services structured on 3 main modules, each of which represents a useful tool for any type of company.
1. Training courses: the training module is focused on increasing the quality and efficiency of the professional activity, as well as the personal development of employees through the following courses: organizational leadership, critical thinking, strategic planning, time management, effective communication, presentation guides etc.
2. Team building programs: one of the fundamental factors underlying the success of a company is the internal organization and the collaboration between employees. The structure and the organization within the company in terms of teams, the working program and the conditions in which it takes place, as well as the complexity of the tasks, involves the communication within the team, the responsibility for certain aspects of the actions and the motivation of the other members. Thus, the Romanian company offers various Team Building thought, planned, organized and provided in a rigorous and disciplined system and characterized by a dynamic temperament (e.g. overcome the limits, survival techniques etc.).
3. Consultancy and macro planning services: the consultancy services for companies are meant to support organizations in their approach to adapting circumstances and effectively planning their optimal directions. With relevant experience in counseling governmental organizations achieved during international activities, the Romanian company provides its client's similar consulting services so as to improve the work of companies.
The original methodologies applied by the Romanian team ensure not only the transmission of principles and concepts but also their quick understanding by the employees. Critical thinking, teamwork, and precision are the defining elements of training courses and team building programs that help employees assimilate information and act efficiently, both individually (day by day tasks) and as the whole team (long term company objectives).
The Romanian company is interested in finding international partners (companies or other interested organizations) for cooperation based on outsourcing services or services agreement.
The Romanian team is open to perform the above-mentioned services for foreign partners focused on performance and success and interested in benefiting from the knowledge and skills applied via an original, disciplined and efficient system, either on the Romanian territory or abroad.

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The "added value" that the Romanian company brings is defined by: -the original and efficient delivery methodologies, similar to the ones applied within the army special operations forces, -the applicability of all principles and concepts in the work of the organizations, -the training skills of the Romanian company’s team members. As compared to other providers of training, team building and related consultancy services, the Romanian team is approaching its services following a system developed within the army special operations forces; at the time the Romanian company initiated its project there were only few international known companies active in the same field of activity who applied the military methodologies for personnel development within the activity of civil organizations. The Romanian team had access to various forms of training, both in Romania and abroad, resulting in reliability and expertise associated with good theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The Romanian company’s success and service quality are based on reliability, professional attitude and seriousness with which it addresses and manages all actions.

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Providing an original concept of training, team buildings sessions and consultancy & macro-planning services for the business environment, the Romanian company is interested in international co-operation with companies or other interested organizations (large companies, multinational corporations etc.) willing to develop their business potential via the above-mentioned opportunities. In the case of the outsourcing agreement, the partner sought should be active in the same area of business and to contract the Romanian team to perform activities related to training and team building programs designed for staff or consultancy services at a professional level via an original, disciplined and efficient system. In the case of a services agreement the field of activity of the foreign partner is not specified.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250