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A Romanian software company is offering its web development services through a commercial agency agreement and/or outsourcing agreement and/or as a subcontractor.

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The company is active in the field of software web development online services – creates and configures websites and online stores, being located in Romania. It mainly focuses on the design and configuration of presentation websites and e-commerce online stores. The company is interested in offering its services through a commercial agency agreement and/or outsourcing agreement to perform a service and/or to become a subcontractor.



The company is located in Romania and has as main field of activity the software web development.
Creating a website has become somewhat mandatory for any company in general and especially for those who want to increase their number of customers and can be found 24/7 by them. Whether it's a small presentation or elaborate site, or even a platform, it is the image of the company and it should not be neglected.
The company offers a wide range of services, such as creating websites, optimizing and promoting online businesses, that any company requires for a professional online presence, including: website presentation and creation, online store, website audit, website optimization, logo creation, maintenance, hosting, but also digital marketing for search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media marketing. Its offer also includes content creation for website & promotion such as search engine optimization articles and external blog posts, but also branding content such as product description and social media posts.
The company mainly prefers the language of the end-product to be in English, Italian, Romanian or Spanish. On request, the company can create the website in English and then translate the website in any other required language.
The company's team is composed of professional and perfectionist people with years of experience in the field, always being up to date with the new technological trends. The company will help to choose the appropriate services to achieve excellent results.
The company also offers re-branding for old websites that do not work properly. This will give a modern interface that will create a strong image for customers and competition.
Having an online store is a great opportunity to sell products at a very low cost compared to a physical store, rent, utilities and employees.
An online store offers new opportunities for businesses and gives the chance to present products through the Internet to an unlimited number of new customers.
The company is looking for partners in order to expand on the European and international market by offering innovative and high quality services through a commercial agency agreement and/or an outsourcing agreement to perform a service and/or to become a subcontractor.

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One of the company's main qualities is that it pays a lot of attention to the partner's needs. It focuses on helping them build a strong and long lasting online presence for their brand. The company's team covers a whole range of skills so when a client asks for its services, the company is able to offer a full package deal. The company offers free consultancy and that is how, even from the first meeting, it establishes the path and goals of its future partners opening their eyes on the benefits of having an online presence. The company is trying to use technical terms as little as possible in order not to create confusion in the discussions with its partners. The company provides only modern websites that are easy to edit and look great on any device. It only uses the best and latest technology when developing websites, such as: Content Management System, JavaScript, jQuery, Wordpress, etc. The websites are customized on each partner`s needs and desires. There are no country boundaries for the services that the company is offering.

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The company is offering its web development services through a commercial agency agreement and/or an outsourcing agreement to perform a service and/or to become a subcontractor, in order to grow its market reach and expand at international level. For the commercial agency agreement, the targeted agents should be specialized in the market of web and software development services. The agent should be interested to represent the company's services and solutions for the web business market on the basis of a long term and stable cooperation. For the outsourcing agreement, the company is offering to perform specific web services such as creation and maintenance for websites, but also optimizing and promoting online businesses. As for subcontracting, the company is willing to become a subcontractor in order to cover the specific web services (as mentioned before) as part of a larger project. The company's services target any type of entity that needs help in establishing a strong online presence. There is no niche restriction or how big/small the company is. The only requirement is that after agreeing on the specific terms, both sides will establish milestones of implementation taking into consideration the complexity of each project.

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SME 11-50,University,Inventor,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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