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Romanian software development and IT consulting company is interested in a commercial agency agreement to implement software technology

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Active in the field of software development, the Romanian company is dedicated to help businesses transition their ideas into productive business models. The company’s main areas of work are the following: software development, internet of things, artificial intelligence, research and development innovation, business development and cybersecurity. It offers its services through a commercial agency and/or outsourcing agreement and/or to become a subcontractor to implement software technology.



The Romanian company is able to design out of the box software to address the business needs, but also to use software to improve the processes and to improve the clients’ experiences. The main areas of expertise that the company focuses on are: IT applications, software development, IT managed services and project management.
The offered services include the following types of application software:
- education enterprise resource planning;
- domestic decision and claim records application, to manage internal and court decisions, as well implementation, configuration, testing and training of personnel;
- e-learning software and hardware integration for online services that provide with information, tools and resources to support and enhance the delivery of education / training programs;
- digitalization of private companies or public bodies, including equipment procurement, installation and maintenance (interactive blackboards, servers, desktops, tablets, etc.); setup, installation and implementation of custom software; training;
- utility distributors software, including a comprehensive enterprise resource planning along with applications for e-Industries, e-City and e-Mobility.
- online delivery software in the food industry with clever ordering system, tracking delivery and geo fencing, points of sale and application program interface connection / sync;
- transportation management software;
- payment & financial software;
- e-Commerce, marketplace and deals platforms, including brand stores, complex e-commerce systems connected with points of sale, inventory systems and more for global retail operations – consumer e-commerce, business to business and retails, inventory ecosystems.
The company can also develop mobile applications for iPhone operating system and android platforms. It’s commitment is ongoing to its clients as it helps them to combine and integrate artificial intelligence and internet of things functions into their products.
The company seeks partners to expand on global marketplace by offering innovative, high-tech services through a commercial agency agreement and/or an outsourcing agreement to perform a service and/or to become a subcontractor to implement software technology.

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The company has experience in implementing data center projects and networking services, such as: data-center network infrastructure, sys admin (remote or on site), software defined networking, internet-based networking and network virtualization in the data center, software implementation and development, automation of data-center networks, network architectures and operations, software defined – wide area network markets and technologies. The company’s main advantages are as follows: - approach based on careful analysis to challenges of the project concerned; client inclusion throughout entire process; products developed with customer experience front of mind; updates released weekly; transparency and collaboration; - technical excellence through full time team dedicated to process improvement and quality assurance, experienced architects to support all development stages, disciplined process and leading-edge methodologies. Using the artificial intelligence technology, the company has created a product quality application to enable information to be passed on to the retail environment for quality control along with analyzes and reports. The company’s team expertise not only allows to understand the business, but by using it’s creativity to enable improving the client ideas as well.

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The company is offering its software development services through a commercial agency agreement and/or an outsourcing agreement to perform a service and/or to become a subcontractor, in order to expand at international level. For the commercial agency agreement, the targeted agents should be specialized in the market of software development services. The agent should be interested to represent the company's services and solutions for the business market on the basis of a long term and stable cooperation. For the outsourcing agreement, the company is offering to perform specific software services such as IT applications, software development and IT managed services. As for subcontracting, the company is willing to become a subcontractor in order to cover the specific software development services (as mentioned before) as part of a larger project. The company's services target any type of public or private entity that needs to develop and implement specific software, without having restrictions related to the dimensions / field of activity of the targeted client.

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SME 11-50,University,Inventor,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500