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Romanian software development company offers outsourcing agreements

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Located in Transylvania, a Romanian company is specialized in web development, with a focus on Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development. The Romanian company is looking for international SMEs in order to offer them professional web development services within the frame of an outsourcing contract.



With more than 6 years of experience in the IT field, the Romanian company is specialized in Web development, providing a wide range of services, such as: *Software Development, *Web Applications, *Websites, *E-commerce Solutions, *Search Engine Optimization (SEO), *Testing Services, *Security Solutions, *Web Hosting and *Online Marketing, with a focus on Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development.

The Romanian software team has experience in working with the following:
• Technologies: Javascript (Angular/React/Vue/Node/Typescript), PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (Symfony/Laravel), Databases(MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB), Python(Django);
• E-Commerce: Magento, Woocomerce, Prestashop;
• CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.

The Romanian company provides professional web development services to a wide variety of clients from various fields of activity: IT, fashion, human resources, consultancy, etc. The company encourages start-ups and innovative business ideas, being prone to make Minimum Viable Product as soon as possible.

With a national work experience as a partner on various Romanian IT projects and an international one with American and Canadian partners, the Romanian company is interested in concluding outsourcing agreements with European and non-European partners searching the offered web development services. The company would like to enter new international markets, to increase its business potential and to extend its network of clients.

Advantages & innovations

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The Romanian company has the following advantages: - over 6 years of experience working in web development; - a wide portfolio of clients (start-ups/ well-established businesses); - an experienced team focused on lifelong learning; - experience on large national and international IT projects; - experience in Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development; - highly adaptable, user-friendly, customized solutions; - experience with international cooperation.

Partner sought

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The Romanian company is offering professional web development services within the frame of an outsourcing contract and therefore is looking for outsourcing agreements with European and non-European companies. The suitable partners sought are Start-ups, established companies such as SMEs or large companies working in any field of activity that are interested in web development solutions. The partners should provide all the web development requirements and should be involved in the development process.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom