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A Romanian start-up offers an innovative platform that unites all healthcare providers and connects them with patients

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A Romanian start-up developed a free global health solution that unites the healthcare providers and connects them with patients. This solution provides efficient tools for increasing the international visibility of the existing healthcare services ensuring a healthy life for everybody. To be able to further develop and to monetize the platform, the start-up would like to find international partners that could give technical solutions or invest money, under a joint-venture agreement.



A Romanian start-up developed an online platform that unites all providers of medical services (hospitals, clinics, analysis laboratories, pharmacies, dentists, and general and specialist physicians) and connects them with the patients. With one click, the user could benefit from as much health information as possible from the selected unit.

The platform is the result of five years of research and testing. It is a complex project. It encompasses the whole European Union and all countries in all languages in one place. It is a European analytical healthcare system. It is currently the largest medical bookingmed. It is for the first time that a European citizen can seek medical services in his language in another country, it is the first time that every European citizen has a prevention-oriented dashboard and it is the first time that all medical providers are evaluated by patient feedback with the same measure. It is for the first time when someone has statistical data at the European level in health.

The vision is to develop a complete and correctly integrated international system based on quality, professionalism and transparency indicators, continuously and independently monitored. To achieve this goal, the company wants to build a bridge between healthcare providers and patients using an online platform, reducing waste, making services more efficient, maintaining the health of the population and increasing life expectancy through continuous prevention.
The solutions offered by the platform for the general public are:
• Smart Search Engine (machine learning-based search and diagnosis)
• All medical history
• Real-time doctor’s appointments
• Biometrics
• Body Mass Index
• Cardiovascular Risk
• Lifestyle Indicator
• Prevention system with annual checkup reminders
• Medication & treatment reminder system
• Regional notification alerts
• Patient Community – Chat, support groups
• Monitoring health risk levels 24/24
• 10 languages

The solution offered by the platform for the clinics, hospital, pharma sector and any other medical providers are:
• Market Data
• Increased market exposure
• Customer feedback
• Modules to add Services / Prices / Treatment
• Relevant rating system
• Communication module – between practitioners and patients
• Real-time Analytics
• Real-time Appointment system
• Market Reports & Statistics
• 10 languages

The company seeks partners in two directions: partners that could invest in further develop the platform and partners that could help to populate the platform with hospitals, clinics, analysis laboratories, pharmacies, dentists, specialist doctors and family doctors. The proposed cooperation is a joint venture agreement.

Advantages & innovations

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The online platform offers several key advantages and innovations: • Greater visibility and awareness of the existing medical units in the online environment; • Promotion of the medical services performed by the medical units for a fee; • Online marketing of the medical services, increased revenues through the sale of the medical services at a cost; • Multilingual – 10 international language versions; • Increasing the presence of the unit in the online environment (ANMCS - National Authority for Quality Management in Health standard); • Patient feedback analysis systems (ANMCS standard); • Development of online appointment services; • Procedure for analyzing the quality of medical services; • Monitoring reports and improving the quality and management in the sanitary unit; • Development of data analysis services; • Increasing the number of patients from the online environment.

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Field tested/evaluated

Partner sought

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The company seeks partners in two areas: • Companies that could invest in the future development of the platform; • Medical practitioners and healthcare providers. The company is keen to work with either partner to further refine the platform and trial with their users. A lot of input is needed from the partner to tune and to further develop the telemedicine. The company would like a joint venture agreement.

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>500 MNE,SME 51-250,>500