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Romanian technology start-up offers cloud technology for booking, dispatching and management of fleet operations, for licensing or commercial agreements.

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A Romanian IT company has developed a proprietary cloud technology for management and fleet automation of the companies operating in the area of ground transportation, such as taxi, shuttle, cargo, deliveries, etc.. The system provides full control over the fleet, better time management and the reducing of the total costs of the company, especially fuel costs and man hour costs. The company is looking for partners to offer license or commercial agreements.



Since 2015, the Romanian technology company delivers smart web and mobile integrated solutions for booking, dispatching and fleet operations for businesses activating in the ground transportation industries. The company offers end-end cloud based solutions for the organizations and enterprises to manage field service personnel, fleet and dispatching, allowing them to increase the level of services for their customers and for their corporate accounts, to automate the business processes and to deliver comprehensive statistics regarding all business operations. The company is present on the markets such as: United States of America, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Philippines and Australia.

Their main products are:
– Cloud based platform for management and operations of the businesses operating in ground transportation industry, including solution for management, dispatching&tracking, mobile and web booking applications and mobile applications for drivers;
– Cargo dispatching management.

The main features are:
- real-time optimization - tracking over the fleet at any time, it can manage the routes of the fleet, create points of interest at any route and to have two-way communication;
- business intelligence reports to optimize specific business objective and existent business processes;
- full range of automation, from manual to fully automated including human override on automated functions as necessary;
- Automated statements for drivers wages and clients invoices;
- Powered by OpenStreetMap (OSM) for Global Positioning System (GPS) and vehicle tracking;
- Android and iPhone operating system (iOS) driver applications -wide range of compatible handsets, including Waze turn-by-turn directions;
- Android and iOS passenger applications - white labeling to suit every fleet;
- Continuously updated with new features.

The solutions are intended for Taxi companies or any other type of passenger transportation, with own fleets of vehicles from 10 and above.
The solutions offer customer relationship management, human resource management and fleet management solutions, for those types of companies. With this system the client can have improved way of managing and dispatching centers, complete control of the fleet of vehicles, access to more information about the fleet like fuel consumption or driving speed, real time tracking, two-way communications, solutions for the vehicles and drivers, detailed employment report and greater customer satisfaction. The system has archive with information and gives access to many different reports and alarms for technical services or unwanted activities.
The company is looking for partners to conclude a commercial agency agrement. The benefits of the customer are: to lower the total costs of the company, especially fuel costs and man hour costs, to give full control over the fleet and to provide better time management. Also, the licensing partners will increase their benefits using tested on field solutions, with good results.

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- Experience in offering end to end cloud software and services for transportation companies; - The solutions helps the companies to compete with global service providers; - Good management of IT processes and background experience of management board; - The company develops their own software and modules so they will be able to adapt to the clients particular needs; - Dedicated center support; - Offices in Romania and United Kingdom.

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Ideal partners should be a private or public organization from the automotive, transport and logistics sector. The transportation companies, without IT department, must formulate specifications according to their business goal and to conclude a commercial agreement. Automotive and ITC companies can implement in their business the offered solutions, under license agreement.


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