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Romanian wool insulation company is looking for partners in order to conclude distribution services agreements

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The Romanian company specialized in the wool insulation sector, with a portfolio of primary wool insulation products and secondary wool products (geotextile, mattresses, pilots, and pillows) is looking for European partners to conclude distribution service agreements.



Established in 2017 in Transylvania, the Romanian company is active in the wool insulation sector. Its activity comprises thermal insulation and soundproofing of buildings, especially attics, metal or wooden constructions and industrial installations, pipelines and building installations.

Concerning the primary wool insulation products, the Romanian company’s products portfolio includes 4 primary wool insulation products:

• Product 1 – it is suitable for the thermal and acoustic insulation of the interior walls of a structure. This product has a fluffy appearance, with a lower density, between 11 and 12 kg/m3 and it is sold in rolls;

• Product 2 - it is suitable mostly for insulating the outer walls of a structure. This product is dense: with a density between 15 and 16 kg/m3;

• Products 3 - it is the premium product of the Romanian company, with the highest density, between 30 and 32 kg/mc, produced in the form of batts. It also has a thermal conductivity of 0.032 W/mK, comparable with other insulation in the building industry;

• Product 4 - the product has the role of soundproofing surfaces such as ceilings, floors and walls of any structure.

The secondary wool product offered by the Romanian company comprises the following categories:
• Geotextile products - used either in the soil, around the tree trunks and in the crown, or on the garden ground as an aerated blanket;
• Mattresses - with an antiallergic wool composition (made of 100% sheep’s wool);
• Duvets & Pillows - the 100% natural wool is suitable for allergic people while avoiding sweating because it allows the skin to breathe.

In order to expand on the European market, the Romanian company is looking for distribution service agreements by offering both its primary and secondary wool insulation products to be sold abroad.

Advantages & innovations

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Among the advantages and benefits of the offered Romanian wool insulation products, as compared to similar wool insulation companies, as well as other companies that offer fibreglass, cellulose, mineral wool and polystyrene product, one can mention: • Air filtration: capacity to absorb volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and without emission of dangerous substances; • Hypoallergenic: recommended for sensitive people; • Humidity management: absorbs and dissipates moisture in the air; does not support mould development; minimizes condensation; • Noise: Noise Reduction Coefficient >0,9; simultaneously reduces airborne noise, impact noise, and transmitted noise; • Thermal performance: thermal conductivity 0.035-0.037 W/m2K; • Fire-resistant – sheep's wool is the least flammable and it extinguishes itself; • Environment: biodegradable; 100% recyclable; • Installation: without protection equipment; produced in rolls and batts.

Partner sought

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The Romanian wool insulation company is looking for partners in order to conclude distribution service agreements. The partners sought should be: 1. active as distributors in the wool insulation industry, willing to introduce and sell the Romanian primary wool insulation products abroad; 2. active as distributors in the linen industry, willing to sell the secondary wool products from Romania on the European market.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500