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Russian company specialized in neural networks is looking for international partners to sign license and distribution services agreements

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The Russian company from Moscow specialized in a neural networks and is looking for foreign partners to sign license and distribution services agreements.



The Russian company from Moscow was established in 2015 and specialized in a neural networks.

The company offers software services provided by their own framework product. The services allows to build a neural network for a specific task to visualize its architecture, launch the training of the network and export the trained neural network for further implementation. Trained neural networks classify objects into different categories according to the corresponding input data.

The technology allows you to analyze the data and make predictions. Some of the analogs include international frameworks developed by transnational companies.

Applications: the public sector (e.g., voting, access control system, security services); industrial sector: metallurgy (for example, control of metal alloys), oil, gas, engineering; financial sector: banks, insurance companies, pension Fund (for example, automatic processing of appeals of citizens to the contact centers through voice recognition, which is implemented in the library PuzzleLib); OPK (for example, detection of defective parts for video pipeline); transportation; education; agriculture (for example, determining the approximate population of parasites on the site by analyzing photos of pheromone traps) and others.

The company is looking for international partners to sign license and distribution agreements for the sectors: manufacture, production, industry, agriculture, education, health care, social security, building, transport (transportation), communication, trade, logistics.

Under the distribution services agreement, the company will supply the software services to the partner for the subsequent sale. Under the license agreement, the company will provide the software product and holder of the non-exclusive right to sell the software product and also provide services related with transfer of technical and reference information related to operation of the software product.

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The main advantages of the product: company employs exclusively low-level utility software for NVIDIA and AMD graphic cards and efficiently leverage on the processor resources. Central processing unit (CPU) and Graphics processing unit (GPU) support: cornerstone processors and graphic cards. The framework runs on all key operating systems: Linux family, Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. Automated computing optimization: in some cases it accelerates the speed of neural network training twice. Over 60 types of available neural network modules that allow to build convolutional and recurrent neural networks and networks with arbitrary graph structure. Entry barrier for the product users is significantly lower than in any other frameworks. Expected effects of the product usage: * Economic effect due to accelerated learning and network inference. * Reduction of capital costs. * Scalability through cross-platform, which saves hardware costs. * Minimizes the human factor, replacing the automatic computer control. * Improving the quality of products. * Improving security in special and public areas, etc. The technical characteristics of the company's products comply with the requirements of the Russian computer programs standarts: Certificate of State Registration of Computer Programs № 2017618609 from 06.06.2017, issued by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property.

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Already on the market

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Type: SMEs, MNEs, Universities, R&D institutions. Role: in the framework of distribution services agreement the partner will expanse the software product at the regional and international markets. Under the license agreement partner must pay a fee for the use of the software product developed by the licensor

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500