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Russian construction company of oil and gas facilities is looking for partners to conclude a subcontracting agreement

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A Russian company specializes in the design of the project in oil and gas industry facilities. It offers services for the construction and arrangement of a complex for oil production, treatment, gas liquefaction, and shipping. The company offers design and working documentation, maintenance, architectural supervision of the construction of the facility. It seeks partners abroad interested in cooperation within subcontracting.



A Russian engineering company was established in 2000. At the moment, the company designs various complexes for the oil and gas industry.
The company specializes in engineering and survey services for construction and technical re-equipment of oil and gas extraction, primary processing, storage. The principle of the company - an integrated approach to the design and survey work.
The company offers the following types of services: an examination of the soil conditions of the foundations of buildings and structures, project support during state and other expert reviews, field supervision.
In addition, the company is engaged in drilling and construction of wells, designs roads and power lines, and power grid complexes of voltage class up to 110 kV. The company also installs refineries and pumping units of varying complexity
Since 2000, specialists have developed more than 950 projects for oil and gas industry facilities for the largest companies in various regions of Russia. The Russian company cooperates not only with the largest oil and gas companies in Russia (OAO LUKOIL, OAO NK Rosneft, OAO NOVATEK) as well as with foreign countries. It completed the construction of such facilities as the Production Complex of the South Tambey gas condensate field, Construction of technological facilities of the Batyrbaisk field, Construction of the Verkhne-Vozeyskoye oil field. The company actively cooperates with countries such as China, Indonesia, France, the Philippines.
The company is a member of the self-regulated organization “Association of engineering surveys in construction” and “The union of design engineers”. It has a valid license to practice surveying.

The Russian company is looking for foreign partners from the oil and gas industry to conclude a subcontracting. In the frames of subcontracting the foreign partner has to hire the Russian company as a subcontractor for the performance of services such as engineering survey, pre-project and project works, documentation preparation, and project administration.
The company is ready to provide services both on-site or remotely with regular teleconference meetings. Conditions of cooperation will be discussed individually with a potential contract giver. As a result of this cooperation, the orderer will have design documentation/ detailed design documentation/ adapted documentation. The Russian company will widen its portfolio, build up experience and client contacts, and make a profit.

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1) 20-years experience of engineering and survey works for oil and gas extracting sector in Russia, collaboration with Russian major oil and gas extracting companies. 2)The company has qualified specialists in various fields of technology (for example, process engineers, pipeline engineers, electrical engineers, instrumentation engineers, civil engineers, general planning engineers, industrial safety engineers, environmental engineers, environmental engineers cost control, etc.). Specialists can speak English, which contributes to better contact with European countries. 3) It has its own laboratory, where soil and groundwater research is carried out for design and survey and construction organizations. Without this procedure, it is impossible to begin designing a single construction object. 4) The company has a state license to carry out activities in the oil and gas industry, as well as quality, safety and environmental management systems. 5) The company regulates the deadlines for the completion of construction work, which guarantees mutually beneficial cooperation with other companies without unnecessary costs.

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Already on the market

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Type of Partner sought: SMEs, large companies, companies involved in oil and natural gas extraction and processing or a company providing engineering services for organization and support of engineering and survey works for oil and gas sector. Role: In the frames of subcontracting the foreign partner has to order engineering works, design documentation for the oil and gas industry as an end client or as a general designer.

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>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


Complex for the oil and gas industry