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Russian developer of a biometric identification system is looking for licence partners

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Environmental and Biometrics Sensors, Actuators


The Russian company is developing a system of biometric identification of persons in the video shooting mode. The company is looking for reliable partners for long-term cooperation under a license agreement.



The Russian company from the city of Moscow was founded in 2003. The company is engaged in the development of modern software in the field of distributed automated information systems, intelligent video surveillance systems and biometric facial recognition. The team consists of software developers, technical engineers, and project managers. Each specialist has the necessary certificates confirming his level of knowledge and competencies, as well as at least five years of experience in his field.
The Russian company is developing a system of biometric identification of individuals. This software works in real shooting conditions. The main features that the system possesses are:
• The maximum angle of rotation of the head - up to 35 degrees;
• The maximum allowable angle of inclination of the head is up to 20 degrees;
• Images of faces may contain natural facial expressions;
• Images of faces may contain the following elements: glasses (transparent), a mustache, a beard, a hat, a high-raised collar;
• Arbitrary foreign objects blocking the visible part of the face
This system allows you to scale the base of individuals: from 5,000 to an unlimited number. The possibility of using both in the area of ​​cooperative and non-cooperative control. The resistance of the solution to skin color and nationality. It is possible to use stereo pairs from two standard cameras to determine the exact distance from a person’s face to the registration plane.
Recognition of one person from both cameras (left and right), improves the quality of recognition of the system. The basic version of the product includes the ability to connect 8 surveillance cameras. The system is widely used in state institutions and industrial enterprises and is also necessary for the investigation of offenses and for the search for people who intend to commit theft or other malicious act.
The Russian company is looking for foreign partners from electronics and other industries for long-term relationships and to conclude a license agreement. Under this license agreement, the foreign partner will receive a Russian license to use the Russian electronic program. A foreign partner will use the license in accordance with Russian requirements and rules. Foreign companies will be required to provide reports on the use of the intelligent software of a Russian company.

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-The company has developed completely ready-made software for biometric identification of persons at the facility. The partner will only need to connect cameras and add the required profiles - The company provides the ability to use stereo pairs of two standard cameras to accurately determine a person’s face. Recognition of one person from both cameras (left and right), improves the quality of recognition of the system. - Using this system, a partner can compare the image and the face of the subject, as well as configure automatic border control, access to the building.

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Already on the market

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Type - SMEs, large companies Role - a foreign partner will receive a special license for the software of the biometric identification system of the faces of a Russian company for its needs and developments.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500