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Russian developer of cloud-based document processing services is looking for licensees

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A Russian company developed services for the classification of documents of individuals, using deep training convolutional neural networks. The company is looking for partners to conclude a license agreement.



The Russian company from Moscow was established in 2004. The company operates in the largest financial institutions in Russia. The team consists of professionals in the field of optical recognition and data storage, with experience of more than ten years. Solutions are used by more than 20 companies in the Russian Federation of the insurance financial and public sectors.
The company offers a cloud service that allows a process, compare, recognize and classifies documents using server capacities. Service can significantly reduce the time and cost of projects for the automation of document processing.
In addition, the company produces a comparator, designed to automate the process of comparing two documents of different formats (PDF, Tiff, Word-optional). The main goal this device - to identify discrepancies in text information between them. This service allows automatically categorizes images of documents (determine their type) based on the appearance or analysis of the text of the document.
The Russian company is looking for reliable foreign longer-term partners from the electronics industry to conclude a license agreement. Under this agreement, the foreign partner is obliged to keep confidential information, to adhere to the standards and rules that the Russian company has established. Also, a Russian company can develop products under a private label and expand the partner’s product line.

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• The company's solutions help banks, insurance, and leasing companies in the top 10 to process more than 70 million pages of documents annually • Savings from the use of technology is 500 thousand man-hours per year • The efficiency of solutions allows large enterprises to save more than 375 million rubles per year. • Company is a strategic partner of the world's largest companies in the promotion and implementation of its own solutions based on software products

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Already on the market

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Type - SME, large companies Role - a foreign partner will buy the cloud-based document processing services of a Russian company to obtain new technological capabilities and their operation in accordance with a license agreement

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500