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Russian developer of facial motion capture software is looking for licensees

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The Russian software designer of facial motion capture applications for creative industries is looking for partners to cooperate under a license agreement. The company is also interested in gaining a foothold on foreign markets through providing IT-services to foreign partners under a subcontract agreement.



The company from Moscow established in 2017 focuses on the R&D of facial motion capture. It develops corresponding software and provides further IT assistance.

The company is offering its own software-hardware complex that enables to automate facial animation of computer-generated characters, talking animals and digital doubles.
The facial motion capture system creates facial animation of 3D characters in real time, which can be later employed while creating films and video games.

The Russian company is interested in establishing sustainable collaboration. It is ready to cooperate with both large companies and SMEs providing they have proved themselves to be reliable partners. As the company is flexible and client-oriented, it is ready to mutually discuss terms and conditions of the potential agreement.
Under the license agreement, the company will provide the licensee with the developed software (submit a copy of it along with all necessary technical and reference documentation) and grant the exclusive/non-exclusive right to exploit the product. Under the subcontract agreement, the company will provide specified ICT services for a stated period of time.

Advantages & innovations

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1. The facial motion capture system provides photorealistic image required in film and video game industries. 2. Real-time work gives the freedom to make creative decisions quickly, significantly reduces production time and ensures the highest efficiency. 3. The system allows to generate talking characters, scenes with dialogues in computer games, etc. 4. The product is relatively cheaper than its analogues.

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Already on the market

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Type: SMEs, large companies. Role: under the license agreement, the partner must regularly pay royalties for utilizing the software during the term of agreement. Under the subcontract agreement the partner will be obliged to accept the ICT services in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated and to pay the fee.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500