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Russian developer of the innovative laryngeal mask with a non-inflated cuff is looking for partners to conclude commercial agreement with technical assistance and/or financial agreement

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A Russian company from the Rostov region is engaged in the development of innovative technologies in medicine. The company has developed a laryngeal mask with a non-inflated cuff, which eliminates complications in the patient associated with improper inflating of the cuff or insufficient control of the anesthesiologist. The company is looking for reliable foreign partners to conclude commercial agreements with technical assistance and/or financial agreement.



The Russian company from the Rostov region is a fast-growing developing company. The company is engaged in the development of innovative technologies in medicine.

Currently, most foreign and Russian clinics use classic laryngeal masks with an inflated cuff. The laryngeal mask is installed in the patient's larynx. The path to the larynx is narrow, so the laryngeal mask is smaller when installed than during anesthesia. Changing the size of a classic mask is achieved by inflating the cuff. A number of complications may be associated with this cuff. First, if the cuff is inflated less than 60 cm of the water column, then the connection is not sealed, which will lead to gas leakage into the stomach. As a result of the leakage of gases into the yolk, regurgitation is likely in the patient. If the pressure is higher, then the blood supply to the larynx is disrupted, resulting in necrosis of the laryngeal mucosa. Also, another problem in the medical market is that masks can be used once for patients and are not subjected to complete disposal. Because of this, the ecology suffers in the future when burning and burying masks.

The Russian company offers an innovative development laryngeal mask with a non-inflated cuff. The company managed to make a silicone monolithic laryngeal mask, which for the first time in the world does not have adhesive seams and joints of different materials. The laryngeal mask has the largest gastrodrenage in the world by cross-sectional area, which makes it a leader in safety. The large diameter of the gastrodrenage allows putting a probe (a special tube) into the stomach, for reliable prevention of regurgitation. The mask became the first in the world capable of withstanding dry-fire sterilization. The mask can withstand more than 60 (up to 100) sterilization, which reduces the volume of the garbage by at least 60 times, and reduces environmental pollution. Joint tests with the Department of Anesthesiology of the medical University have shown the reliability and safety of this mask on patients.

The Russian company is interested in finding foreign partners from the medical field to conclude a commercial agreement with technical assistance and/or financial agreement. In accordance with a commercial agreement with technical assistance, the Russian company offers a potential partner to purchase a technology for the production of laryngeal masks on non-exclusive rights. The company is also ready to provide all the necessary support services for the launch of this technology on the foreign market. In accordance with this, the Russian company is looking for an interested investor who has experience in the medical field. The purpose of these agreements is to finalize and improve the laryngeal mask technology, as well as to enter the foreign market.

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- The new technology of monolithic casting laryngeal masks also has a financial advantage. The mask is cast in one cycle, does not require intermediate stages in the form of gluing silicone-silicone, silicone plastic, as with other masks. As a result of this technology, the cost of such masks is lower. - The possibility of sterilization in a dry-burning cabinet for up to 100 applications. This reduces the cost of a single-use, which makes it more affordable. The cost of one use of a new laryngeal mask is approximately equal to the cost of using an endotracheal tube. This makes it possible to use the mask during planned operations and reduce the complication. - With the use of a laryngeal mask, it is possible to conduct both a fibrogastroscope and a fibrobronchoscope, as well as an additional oxygen connection.

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Type: SMEs, large companies, investors, medical and research companies engaged in the development and implementation of innovative technologies. Role: In accordance with a commercial agreement with technical assistance, a potential partner acquires non-exclusive rights to Russian development and will immediately introduce it to the foreign market. In accordance with the financial agreement, a potential partner will financially help the Russian company in the development and improvement of the laryngeal mask technology with a non-inflated cuff.