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Russian developer of the microwave radiation technology and installation used in petrochemistry is looking for partners in order to conclude commercial agreement with technical assistance

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A Russian developer is engaged in the development of apparatus with ultra-frequency radiation. The apparatus is used for oil treatment, to increase the yield of target products in the process of pyrolysis of hydrocarbons, for use as an emulsifier. The company is interested in finding foreign partners and concluding a long-term commercial agreement with technical assistance.



The Russian company was founded in 2004. The company is a market leader and is developing new technology for the petrochemical industry. The company is located on its own premises and has new modern equipment. The company has its own design department, which is capable of developing modern high-tech components, devices, and apparatus.

The company offers a new technology for the introduction and maintenance of industrial installations for the processing of styrene mixture by microwave radiation. The unique production of microwave radiation of the microwave range for the intensification of the process of obtaining ethylene and propylene during the pyrolysis of hydrocarbon raw materials in the presence of water vapor has no analogs in the world. There are other technological solutions in which other methods and methods are used, but they do not have similar characteristics and require a long stop of production for installation. Also, it do not reduce the coking of expensive equipment at oil refineries, which in turn leads to its rapid wear, a reduction in the service life and a reduction in the time for maintenance of both the equipment itself and other refinery systems. At the same time, for the maintenance of such devices, it is necessary to stop the entire production in the shop. The company-developed apparatus can be used in the petrochemical industry. This apparatus treats liquid and gaseous media with an ultra-high frequency electromagnetic field. Microwave radiation not only effectively heats the components of a chemical reaction, but is also able to significantly accelerate many chemical reactions. This apparatus is used in the petrochemical sector. The device is designed for the destruction of oil-water emulsions in oil-producing wells, to increase the yield of target products in the process of pyrolysis of hydrocarbons, to reduce the formation of coke and resins. In addition, the apparatus is used for deep pyrolysis of heavy oil fractions and for use as an emulsifier in the production of lacquers, paints, motor oils.

Structurally, the apparatus consists of an activation unit, a generation device, a cooling system and automation cabinet, and a frame. The operation of the apparatus is based on the effect of excitation of the electromagnetic field and absorption of the exciting electromagnetic field (or radiation) by a liquid or gaseous medium. The effect of excitation of the electromagnetic field occurs in the activation nodes, which are circular waveguides.
The implementation of the developed equipment does not require modernization and reconstruction of the equipment used by petrochemical plants. The results of experimental studies have shown that the use of microwave radiation in the preparation of polymer raw materials makes it possible to use styrene production waste as a component and obtain high-quality frost-resistant plastic for the manufacture of automotive parts.

The company's equipment is used in many research institutes, petrochemical plants and not only in Russia but also in foreign countries. All equipment is certified and meets the safety certification.
The Russian company is looking for foreign partners from the petrochemical sector, sales representatives to conclude a commercial agreement with a technical assistant. In accordance with this agreement, the Russian company will manufacture and supply the required number of devices. A Russian company provides technology with installation to a partner. A potential partner uses it at his factory. Also, the Russian company conducts training of the customer's personnel on the operation and maintenance of the microwave device. If necessary, the company is ready to assist in setting up the apparatus at the factory. The purpose of this agreement for the Russian company is to increase profits, production capacity and enter a new foreign market.

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In addition to the economic benefits described above from the use of a microwave installation, it has a number of other advantages that will contribute to obtaining more profit from the production of petroleum products: - The equipment is integrated into the steam pipeline system without stopping production, as a result of the absence of material and time costs. - Processes steam by exposing it to electromagnetic radiation, which entails, in the process of pyrolysis of naphtha or feed gases, an increase in the conversion of the feed product to 3.5%. - Due to the use of microwave radiation technology in the presence of water vapor, the formation of coke and heavy resins is significantly reduced by up to 40%, which in turn leads to an increase in the service life of the equipment, less wear and reduced time and maintenance costs. - The use of this device in petrochemistry leads to a decrease in the formation of by-products by 33-37%. Also, in comparison with other devices, microwave technology reduces the formation of coke by 30%, will lead to an increase in the inter-repair period of the pyrolysis furnace by an average of 450 hours. - Laboratory studies have shown that pyrolysis of butane fraction and ethane in the presence of pretreated microwave water leads to an increase in the formation of ethylene, on average, by 7%. - Due to the effect of microwave radiation, ~ 20% of the starting substances reacted within 2-3 minutes, with normal continuous stirring for 20 days, no more than 12% of the starting substances react.

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Type: SMEs, large companies, Refineries, distributors, construction\engineering\contracting and other organizations from the petrochemical industry, companies engaged in the distribution of equipment and equipment for oil plants, chemical and processing companies. Role: in accordance with the commercial agreement with a technical assistant, a potential partner wants to acquire innovative technology on a non-exclusive basis and needs additional services to support the transfer.