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Russian developer of a software package for modeling kinematics is looking for foreign partners

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A Russian company has developed a software package designed to simulate the dynamics and kinematics of flat mechanical systems. This software is used to study the dynamic behavior of machines and mechanisms. The company is looking for manufacturers abroad in sectors such as electronics or transport, for cooperation under a license agreement.



The company from the Bryansk region was founded in 2001. The company is a leading developer in the field of software and has experience of about 20 years.
The Russian company has developed a software package that is designed to simulate the dynamics and kinematics of flat and spatial mechanical systems.
The created software package is intended for practicing engineers who are faced with problems of the dynamic behavior of machines and mechanisms. Mechanisms in the software package are described as a system of rigid bodies, joints, and force elements.
There is maintained model motion immediate animation in the calculation process. Almost all of the required quantities are available for the analysis: position, velocity, acceleration, reaction force in the hinges, springs, etc.
The software package includes a core and a number of additional modules that extend the core functionality: a car module, a training module, a module for simulating tracked vehicles, a module for simulating elastic bodies, a multivariate calculation, and an optimization module. Besides, the mathematical core of the complex allows at every turn of the numerical simulation to determine each body position and orientation to visualize the current state of the object. The Russian company recommends using this software with the following system requirements - Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7/10; multi-core processors; 2 GB of RAM; 1 GB of free hard disk space.
It is an efficient tool for simulating various machine and mechanism dynamics: space structures, robots, and manipulators, railway carriages, automobiles, cables, etc.; for solving kinematics and dynamics direct and inverse problems. The original language of the software package is English. In addition, the company offers to set the language at the request of the partner.
Due to the characteristics of the subject area, it requires the user to have basic knowledge in the field of theoretical mechanics, the theory of machines and mechanisms, and mathematical modeling. The products of the Russian company are patented. This product is used by the largest auto industrial enterprises in Russia, as well as with European countries.

The Russian company is looking for foreign partners from the electronic, transport industry to conclude a license agreement. In accordance with this agreement, the Russian company will provide the right to use the software. The company can also provide a special program for the use of this software package. Foreign partners will receive special rights to use this software.

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- Monthly Russian specialists update the software, fix bugs and introduce new features. - The Russian company annually takes an active part in the conference in China, where it takes prizes in the field of software development. - A distinctive feature of this software is the parameterization of models. This function allows transfer control actions to the model of a mechanical system, such as, for example, the position of the steering wheel, brake pedal or accelerator, including from hardware control panels. - Russian developers are always in touch with partners and can consult foreign experts at any time.

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Already on the market

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Type: SMEs, large companies, electronic, transport companies. Role: in accordance with this agreement, the partner will receive the rights to use this software product of the Russian company. The partner will use this complex for his production purposes, due to which he will increase the quality of products.