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Russian electronic company specialized in production of electronic vacuum tubes is looking for partners abroad to sign distribution and joint venture agreements.

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Micro and Nanotechnology related to Electronics and Microelectronics
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Russian electronic company that is engaged in development and production of a number of high-tech products for nanotechnology is looking for partners abroad to sign joint venture and distribution services agreements.



Russian company from Ryazan region was established in 1994 and specialized in the production of electronic vacuum tubes.

Today the company is engaged in the development and production a number of high-tech products for nanotechnology, accelerating technology, electrical equipment, the latest technological equipment for various branches of science and technology including: gas discharge devices, applications of gas discharge devices, x-ray tubes, pulsed power.

The company offers the following products:
1.TPI-Hollow cathode Thyratrons (close switches), mainly operating with a superdense form of glow discharge. TPI(Thermoplastic Polyimide) is designed to switch the amount of electricity per pulse up to 10-1 Coulombs. They are used in pulsed power sources of electrophysical, laser, test, and other technological equipment, at operating frequencies up to 100.0 kHz (in the long term up to 1 MHz) and pulse duration from several nanoseconds to tens of microseconds.

2.TDI (Thyratrons with Toluene diisocyanate) is a powerful and heavy duty Thyratrons with Arc-shape of the discharge in the vapor of the material of electrodes used for switching the amount of electricity to tens of Coulombs per pulse. Thyratrons TDI-type having an inductance of less than 6 nH, commute currents up to 200 kA at a voltage drop of 25-50 V.

3.TGI (Thyratrons with incandescent cathode) for medium currents up to 10 A, pulse power up to 250 MW and continuous power up to 500 kW specifically for klystron modulators of SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center), JINR (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research), NIIEFA, etc.
The scope of TPI type thyratrons: power supplies for laser systems,electron-optical valves for laser technology and optical fiber communication; test radio equipment; nanotechnology, including nanobiotechnology; Geology and oil production-gamma-neutron logging.

The scope of TDI type thyratrons: technological installations in energy-saving and robotic manufacturing for the magnetic pulse, electron beam, laser and electrohydraulic processing of materials; television and radio transmitters, powerful radio, etc. equipment, high-power laser.

The company is looking for partners from energy-saving and robotic manufacturing to sign joint venture and distribution services agreements. Under the distribution services agreement,the Russian company will supply the product to the partner for the subsequent sale. Under the joint venture agreement, the company will contribute its assets and resources to the joint venture.

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1. Higher durability (2-3 orders of magnitude), a significantly larger range of operating voltages, high stability of electrical and temporal characteristics in a wide range of operating temperatures. 2. The possibility of parallel operation of the total load in modes with current oscillation. 3. Lower filament power and dimensions at a greater resource compared to the known classical thyratrons.

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Type: SME's, large companies. Role: under the distribution services agreement, the partner must purchase the product in order to distribute it further. Under a joint venture agreement, the partner should pool his resources and assets in the technology/product to develop a new entity to mutual benefit.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500