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Russian manufacturer of 3D-scanners is looking for a distributors

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The Russian company produces 3D scanners to create a three-dimensional visual image of the subject in digital format. The Russian company is looking for reliable partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.



the Russian company from the Moscow region was founded in 2008. Now the company is the leader in the number of professional scanners sold in Russia, more than 850 pcs. Developer and manufacturer of 3D scanners and scanning software. The company's specialists quickly respond to changes in market needs and begin to develop new models of 3D scanners with maximum functions. The company offers maximum functions even in budget scanners: variable zones for objects of different sizes, adjustment of the amount of information collected during digitization, support of reference photogrammetry networks. All scanners can work with markers and a turntable or without them. The Russian company offers 3D scanners to create a three-dimensional visual image of the subject in digital format, which is approved by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology as a type of measuring instrument. High accuracy is provided by structured illumination technologies, cameras for technical vision with a resolution of 6 MP and original data processing algorithms. The ability to scan three areas: from the smallest to the largest. Thanks to interchangeable lenses and variable scanning zones, the 3D scanner is suitable for scanning jewelry and body parts of a car, solving problems from visualization to quality control. The technology of blue backlighting allows reduce the influence of external lighting during scanning and to achieve maximum accuracy in solving the most complex problems. Areas of application: quality control, production and design, design and architecture.
The Russian company is looking for foreign partners from the electronics, jewelry, manufacturing field for long-term relationships and for the conclusion of a distribution services agreement. Under this agreement, foreign partners will receive high-quality Russian goods for their needs, which will improve the quality of products, the company's image, and profit. Under this agreement, the Russian company will supply products to partners for their further distribution through large networks. The Russian company wants to cooperate with foreign partners in order to deepen joint development, introduce new technologies and exchange experience, as well as in the further distribution of its products. In addition, the Russian company can produce products under its own brand and expand the partner’s trading line, since the products of the Russian company comply with all EU standards.

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- The cost of Russian 3D scanners is several times less than that of foreign counterparts with comparable technical characteristics. - The company can offer software designed specifically for quick processing of scan results; it comes complete with a 3D scanner - The company provides 3D scanning services using high-precision equipment and professional software. Output Format - Polygonal Model (STL)

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Already on the market

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Type - SME, large companies Role - a foreign partner will buy 3D scanners to create a three-dimensional visual image of the subject in the digital format of the Russian company for its further distribution among its current client portfolio and through online networks under distribution and production agreements.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500