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Russian manufacturer of biologically active supplements from a trepang with chitosan is looking for partners abroad to sign distribution services agreement.

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The Russian company is specializing in the production of dietary supplements from trepang (Japanese Holothuria) with the addition of a chitosan and calcium alginate. This complex contains a wide range of biologically active substances: acids, steroid compounds, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, iodine. The supplements have an immunomodulatory effect and improve the condition of the body as a whole. The company is looking for partners abroad to sign a distribution services agreement.



The Russian company from Vladivostok was created in 2015.  The company is engaged in the production of biologically active supplements from the trepang (the Japanese Holothuria). Trepangs are called those types of echinoderms that can be eaten. Trepang has long been valued as a food product, as well as in traditional oriental medicine. The company occupies about 25% of the market of Primorsky Krai in the segment of biologically active supplements from trepang with chitosan. Chitosan is an amino polysaccharide obtained from the shell of the Far Eastern crab. This substance is a highly effective enterosorbent that promotes detoxification of the body from environmentally harmful substances. This substance is used in the production of food, cosmetics, biomedical products, and agriculture.
The product is issued in the form of capsules with extract of trepang with chitosan or calcium alginate in a plastic jar on 60 pieces on 0,25 g. Besides, the additive contains more than 20 amino acids and possesses the following action:
- the additive has an immunomodulatory effect;
- the additive stimulates regenerative processes, rejuvenates tissues;
- the additive increases the resilience and the general tonus of an organism;
- the additive normalizes a metabolism.
One jar is enough for a rate, which lasts 1 month. After a month of acceptance of the additive, there come noticeable improvements in health. In 2014 types of research in the center for the fight against AIDS (Vladivostok) were conducted. The patients: people from 18 to 60 years old. As a result of a monthly rate, the general condition of patients improved: general weakness disappeared, appetite improved, intoxication symptoms began to pass much quicker, immunity improved. Also, the tendency to normalization of the level of cholesterol was observed. The company makes 20000 packs of the product in a month and ready to increase production to 40000 packs in a month. The company delivers products over the whole territory of Russia through large retail chain stores.
The company is looking for partners from the medical sphere (companies which produce medical preparations and biologically active supplements, drugstores), shops of a sports and healthy nutrition, wholesale sector for signing distribution services agreement. A partner should distribute this production to the supermarkets, drug shops, shops of sports and healthy nutrition, and so on. Expected that the partner will pass the procedure for marketing authorization for herbal medicinal products. The expected result - a Russian company will increase the distribution of its products in new markets, and a foreign partner will receive a highly effective biological additive

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- Environmentally friendly product. - The company owns technology (know-how) which allows taking a maximum of useful substances from raw materials. The company makes researches in laboratories of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry. Semi-automatic equipment is used in the production cycle. - The product is made of the Japanese Holothuria living only in The Far East near Peter the Great Bay. - The product has the potential for use in cosmetology. - The whole complex of biologically active substances from trepang contains a physiologically balanced set of salts and trace elements of seawater, which, in turn, is close in composition to human blood plasma. - The company has a wide distribution network of more than 1000 partners all over the World. Half of the team - PhDs. - Since production is in Russia, and all the ingredients are the same, that's why the price significantly lower than the foreign counterparts - it confirms own marketing department.

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Already on the market

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Type: SMEs, large companies, companies that produce medical preparations and biologically active supplements, drug stores, shops of sports and healthy nutrition, trading companies. Role: in accordance with this agreement, the partner will distribute Russian products in the foreign market. The result of this cooperation is that a Russian company will increase its sales and expand the boundaries of the distribution of products, and a foreign partner will receive a unique range of dietary supplements for human health.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


Trepang aqualizate with chitosan