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Russian manufacturer of compact piezoelectric pumping units for oil well production is looking for foreign distributors

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The Russian manufacturer from Tatarstan Republic engaged in oilwell production seeks to introduce its compact piezoelectric pumping units in foreign markets by establishing cooperation under the distribution services agreement.



The Russian manufacturer was founded in 2015 in Tatarstan Republic. It has developed compact piezoelectric pumping unit for oilwell production that is shorter and thinner than its analogues. The appliance is applicable to the oil extraction from marginal (stripper) wells: from wells of small diameter, with patches and liners; from strongly bent wells; from wells with high viscosity and heavy oil.
The controlled oscillations of three piezoelectric sections cause step-by-step movement of the piston from the lower to the upper position and back at a speed of up to 0.3 m/s at a force of 20-40 KN. The electric motor has higher specific power and energy efficiency compared to electromagnetic type motors. This engineering approach enables to develop a submersible electric motor of small dimensions to work in the wells along with the piston type pump. In such cases the centrifugal pump with the electrical submersible motor of rotational type is not suitable due to its large length and/or diameter, as well as the sucker-rod pump driven by a ground rocking machine due to arising problems with a sucker-rod drive at a great depth.
Power and control of the piezoelectric motor is carried out with a cable from the ground control station and the power submersible electronic module located in the submersible part of the pumping unit. It is based on the use of high-speed power insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT).

The company is looking for large international distributors with extensive experience in selling to companies from oil pumping or extraction market, oil-and-gas machine building. It should be noted that the company is going to increase its production capacities gradually but currently it is only able to supply about 3 units a year.

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1. Wider applicability: compactness of the invented piezoelectric pumping unit enables to use the appliance in the least accessible places. 2. Maximum capacity: the electric motor embedded in the unit is more powerful than its conventional counterparts.

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Type: large companies. Role: under the distribution services agreement, a potential partner is expected to purchase the piezoelectric units for resale. In addition, the distributor is to promote the appliance and present a long-term sales plan.

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