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A Russian manufacturer of enameled wire is looking for foreign distributors

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A Russian company is engaged in the production of enameled and winding wires. These wires have a special insulating material, which is made of electrically insulating varnish. The company is looking for foreign partners to conclude distribution services agreements.



The company from the Ryazan region was founded in 2000. Today the company is a leader in the production of enameled wires in Russia. The fundamental principles of the company are the maximum satisfaction of the needs of customers and partners, the exact fulfillment of all obligations. In addition, the company performs an individual approach to each client.
The Russian company is engaged in the production of enameled and winding wires.
Enameled wire is made of copper. A small part of the wires is produced with conductors of bimetals, precious metals, and conductors of special alloys, in particular superconducting. The diameter of the conductor: from 0.063 to 2.50 mm. Temperature index: 155. The wire has a special insulating material, which is made on the basis of modified polyester resins. Any insulation of a winding wire operated at high temperatures is often supplemented with polyimide enamel or fiberglass tape. Enameled wires allow you to make the winding more compact and increase the power of the device because, with the same volume, more turns are wound. General advantages of enamel wires:
heat resistance; strength; lightweight; resistance to corrosion; good oil and acid-resistance; durability.
Enameled wire manufactured according to the Russian and foreign standards.
The wire is transported in bays, drums, and reels, depending on the size and brand. The company packs the wires with paper capable of protecting the insulation of the wire from damage during transport. The largest weight of the box with wires is 80 kg. The company applies a special label to the drum and reel with a designation of the weight, size, and brand of the wire, as well as other parameters.
The main consumers of winding wires are electric machines and electrical equipment. A significant number of winding wires are also consumed by enterprises of instrument-making, radio-technical, and aviation industries.
The Russian company is looking for foreign partners from a huge, radio-technical, machine-building industry to conclude a distribution services agreement.
In accordance with this agreement, the foreign partner will purchase enameled wires of the Russian company for its further distribution in the market. More precise volumes and sizes of delivery will be agreed with a potential partner. Expected result: the Russian company will increase profits and sales boundaries, the foreign partner will receive a high-quality Russian product.

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- The company has its own transport company. It is also possible to deliver goods by rail (container, wagon, etc.). In addition, the company delivers goods by road at special rates, taking into account benefits. Thus, it facilitates delivery to a partner, reducing the time and cost of transportation. - Thanks to successful cooperation with manufacturing plants, the company offers partners affordable prices for the entire range of wires. In addition, the company provides the opportunity to buy a cable wire in bulk. - Also, at the request of a partner, the company is ready to produce products with non-standard diameters, with another insulating system, with the implementation of additional technical requirements. - Enameled wires made according to TU 16.K71-160-92 have good physical, mechanical, and electrical insulation characteristics, heat resistance. These wires allow creating, on their basis, electrical machines, and devices with an increased coefficient of utilization of the groove, which helps to increase their power or reduce size while maintaining existing parameters. - The company's quality management system is certified for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2008 (IEC).

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Type: SMEs, large companies, trading companies distributing enameled wires, companies from the construction, engineering, radio engineering industries. Role: a foreign partner will facilitate the distribution of Russian products on its market to other companies.

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SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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