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Russian manufacturer of gas and ventilation equipment is looking for foreign distributors

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A Russian company is engaged in the production of equipment and components for the installation of energy-saving systems. Ventilation systems are made of various steel (galvanized, black, stainless). A Russian company is looking for foreign partners to conclude a distribution agreement.



The Russian company from the Chelyabinsk region was established in 1994. Today, the company is a reliable manufacturer of heat and ventilation equipment, as it has been operating in the climate systems market for over 20 years.
The company produces powerful air heaters of various shapes. Design features of air heaters are the use of a fan with an impeller. The control panel for the heater is made in the form of a separate cabinet and can be installed in any place convenient for the partner. The complete set of the air heater includes:
- Heat exchanger block;
- Fan block;
- Filter block;
- Automation unit;
- The valve warmed;
- Burner (gas, diesel, or waste oil).
The heat exchanger has a convective part with pipes, which are made of stainless steel. The heat exchanger is heated from the inside by the burner flame (manufactured in Italy / Germany at the request of the partner), after which the flue gases that have given off heat go into the chimney. Both the fan unit and the heat exchanger unit are located in a thermally insulated casing, the frame, and panels of which are made of galvanized steel and painted with a powder-polymer method (colors can also be agreed with a partner; the default color is blue). The operation of the heater is controlled by an automation unit that monitors a number of parameters and accordingly affects the operation of the heater. The automation unit also performs protective functions, providing emergency shutdowns and emergency signaling. Air heaters are designed for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning of premises (workshops) of enterprises and organizations, shopping malls, warehouses, car services, and also for use in technological processes of drying and painting of various products and materials.
The company also produces special ventilation blanks (air ducts), which are used in the assembly of ventilation systems. Depending on the shape, the blocks can be used to change the direction of air movement through the ducts. Ducts made of galvanized steel and have various lengths and sizes depending on the wishes of the partner.
The company has its own modern production and the technical base equipped with high-performance automated lines for the production of ventilation blanks and network equipment. The company possesses equipment made by German, Japanese and Russian manufacturers, which significantly improves the quality of products. Delivery is discussed individually and performed in accordance with the agreement between the company and the customer. The company guarantees the highest level product distribution of any complexity as the products are all certified in accordance with the All-Russian State Standard and ISO 9001-2008.

The company is interested in finding partners for cooperation under distribution services agreement in the agricultural, municipal, and the public sphere. The company is going to provide the potential partner with the product to be distributed into foreign markets and the partner is expected to distribute the product to the partner. The expected result of this agreement is mutually beneficial cooperation and the increase of the profit due to the foreign market entry and distribution of products to the other companies in foreign countries.

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The company offers a partner to work in accordance with the individual outline and request and guarantees delivery of certified products in accordance with the partner’s outlines. The company’s products are all complied with the All-Russian State Standard and ISO 9001-2008 conformance certificates. The company performs accurate and precise production of ventilation machines and parts for ventilation systems in full accordance with outlines due to the implementation of laser cutting. Before being distributed the company’s products go through a series of tests to identify possible irregular items.

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Type: SMEs, large companies, companies from metallurgy, production, agriculture, public sphere. Role: the partner will receive Russian products, which will be distributed to other needy companies in the foreign market. The result of this agreement a Russian company will increase sales of products and a partner will use Russian products in their production needs.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250


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