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Russian manufacturer of high-temperature and wear-resistant coatings for various equipment is looking for distributors.

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A Russian company has developed a powder from high-entropy alloys to provide a long-term stable functional surface for various hot forming equipment (rolls, dies, forming tools, cutting knives, plungers, fan blades, etc.). The company is looking for partners under a distribution services agreement.



A small Russian company from Nizhny Tagil was established in 2009 and is engaged in scientific, technical, and design developments in the field of manufacturing complex finished products of a high technical level from carbon low-alloy and stainless materials.
One of the directions of the company is the development and production of powders from high-entropy alloys (AlCoCrFeMo0.5Ni). These powders are used to provide a long-term stable functional surface of various hot forming equipment (dies, forming tools, rolls, plungers, etc.). The powder is applied to the equipment by laser cladding and significantly increases its resource and wear resistance to high-temperature loads (according to our estimates, by 30%). The hardness of the high entropy powder coating at 20 degrees Celsius is 720 HV and the hardness at 650 degrees Celsius is 600 HV. The powder is supplied in 1 liter plastic cans.
The Russian company is looking for distributors of products for various industrial sectors (metallurgy, energy, nuclear, oil, gas, and mining) to conclude a distribution agreement. Under this agreement, the Russian company is ready to produce up to one ton of powder per month and under any Incoterms conditions. Also, the Russian company will provide certification of products in foreign countries, for this, a special development plan has been developed. The foreign partner will have to arrange sales of Russian products in foreign countries in chain stores and on the Internet.

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- The cost of a high-entropy powder is approximately equal to the cost of analogs where cobalt is used (for example, Stellite 6), but coatings made of high-entropy powders surpass these analogs by 1.5-2.8 times in hardness at 20 and 650 degrees Celsius, while the coatings retain high plasticity, this is achieved through a specially developed composition. - Estimates have shown that due to laser coating made of high-entropy alloys, the service life of die tooling increases by 30%, which gives a significant economic effect. Testing of powders at Russian enterprises, Nizhniy Tagil Metallurgical Plant and Vyksa Metallurgical Plant, which jointly produce 70% of domestic railway wheels and 24% of their global output, showed that the cost reduction for the manufacture of die tooling for these products amounted to about 2 million euros per year.

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Type: small and large companies Role: to purchase products of a Russian company for its further distribution through chain stores and the Internet

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500