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Russian manufacturer of metal and equipment protection products is looking for foreign distributors and offers franchise agreements

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A Russian company is involved in the production of high-tech coatings and a specialized lubricant that protects metals and other equipment. The unique lubrication formula creates a multilevel coating on the surface that protects equipment and mechanisms from the negative effects of environmental factors, friction, wear, and prolongs their service life. The company is looking for reliable foreign partners to conclude a distribution service agreement and franchise agency agreement.



The Russian company from St. Petersburg was founded in 2007. The company manufactures products for the protection of metals and equipment. The company produces protective coatings for industrial applications, coatings for long term protection of glass from rain, mud, snow, lubricants for protection against moisture and corrosion of metal products at their operation in hostile environments.
The protective coatings for industrial applications are used for protection against moisture, oxidation, leakage of any electrical contacts, and electrical equipment at their operation, storage, and preservation in a hostile climate and aggressive environments. Protective coatings prevent the formation of oxidation, fungus, and mold on electrical contacts, protect against insulation breakdown, and static electricity.
The lubricants protect metal against all forms of moisture, prevent the formation of corrosion, return the mobility of rusted details, eliminate squeaks, and prevent their occurrence, prevent freezing of moving mechanisms. All products are developed by the company in cooperation with leading European laboratories. The company's products are used in many areas: mining industry, processing industry, chemical industry, machinery, machine-tool construction, metallurgy, energy, agriculture, aviation, shipbuilding, railways, road transport, and military industry. The company closely cooperates with leading laboratories, engaged in the development and production of innovative products. Representatives of the company participate in international conferences on the subject of protective equipment and anti-corrosion.

The company is interested in finding partners in the sphere of wholesale and retail trade of protection materials to conclude distribution services agreement for coatings, produced by the Russian company for further distribution into foreign markets.
The Russian company is ready to organize transportation, customs services, and deliver protective coatings to potential partners. The partner is supposed to organize sales of the products into foreign markets.
The company also offers franchise (under the franchise agency agreement). Potential partners are invited to ensure the work of a certain number of trading desks. In turn, the company is ready to offer special prices, marketing support, and in some cases, return to 50% of the cost of equipment.
As a result of cooperation, the Russian company wants to expand its market share and participation in foreign markets. The potential partner will receive a new quality product to represent to the market.

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The company’s products are resistant to strong mechanical load. Properties of the company’s products are confirmed by the technical acts, laboratory tests, and trials. The company controls the equipment at all stages of the production process. The company uses high-quality base ultrapure oils and hi-tech chemical components. The company’s protective coatings do not contain isopropanol, ethylene glycol, and white-spirit; so there is no need for additional washing and greasing after using. No preparation of the surface before the protective coating is also needed.

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Type: SME, large companies, wholesalers and retailers of protective coatings and lubricants, construction, metalworking companies Role: in accordance with this agreement, the foreign partner will receive high-quality Russian products, which the partner will distribute in foreign markets, organize sales. Under a franchise agreement, a potential partner who has acquired the rights of a Russian company can produce, sell lubricant and protective coatings, and provide services in accordance with a franchise agreement.

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SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250