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Russian manufacturer of multi-component oxide complex and composite materials is looking for distributors

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The Russian research and production enterprise from Sverdlovsk region specializes in the production of complex multicomponent oxide and composite materials and special types of zirconium oxide for coatings and ceramics in the field of heat power engineering, is looking for partners abroad to establish cooperation within the framework of distribution services agreement.



The Russian production company from Sverdlovsk region is an engineering company in the field of low-tonnage chemistry, whose goal is to create new materials (including nanoscale materials), develop and improve production technologies. The company was founded in 1989. Main products of the company: stabilized zirconium oxide spheroidal; Stabilized agglomerated zirconium oxide; zirconium oxide stabilized by CaO, ultralight; stabilized crushed zirconium oxide; yttrium oxide is spheroidal; other materials.
The company has the competence and experience to solve a full range of problems when creating world-class materials, that is, R & D in materials science and chemical technology. For more than 25 years, the company has been producing coating materials by various methods of thermal spraying. During the existence of the enterprise, the technology was developed for the production of dozens of nanomaterials, including compounds of rare earth oxides used for catalytic systems. The company has extensive experience in creating and industrial scaling of technologies for the production of various materials, including nanomaterials, which have a set of predetermined consumer properties - multiphase, multicomponent, various chemical and phase composition, particle shape and size, specific surface area, including thermostable, and the pore volume. The company's employees have experience in the field of chemical technology and engineering. The company has all necessary types of state registration, as well as a certificate of compliance of the quality management system with EN ISO 9001: 2008.
The Russian company within the framework of distribution services agreement is looking for partners who have a customer base for the products offered for sale to their customers. The expected result for the Russian company is entering the international market and making a profit, for an international partner - a commercial reward for the sale of products.

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- A wide range of multi-component oxide and composite materials, the range of which is constantly replenished. - Availability of its own research base, R & D in materials science and chemical technology. - Production of nanomaterials that have a set of predetermined consumer properties. - Production of unique materials that have no analogs in the world. - Availability of own production, laboratory and professional team. Practical experience in scaling a wide range of products.

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Already on the market

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Type of partner: SME and large companies. Partner's role: buy and sell the Russian products on the foreign markets.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500