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Russian manufacturer of quasi-optical modulators is looking for distributors

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A Russian company produces quasi-optical modulators and wavefront converters for the mm / sub-mm wavelength range using LC meta structures. The company is looking for partners for further cooperation.



The Russian company from Novosibirsk was founded in 1999. The main activity of the company is the supply of high-tech equipment to educational, research and industrial enterprises of Siberia and the Far East of Russia.
The company analyzes the tasks of the customer, selects equipment for each specific case, delivers equipment, and also provides technological and methodological support, warranty and post-warranty repairs.
Russian company produces quasi-optical modulators corresponding to the range of millimeter (mm) and submillimeter (sub-mm) waves. This product has wide prospects of application in new generation wireless telecommunication systems, flaw detection, security systems, space research, sensing (identification of small volumes and concentrations of optically opaque organic and inorganic substances including biological objects), etc. The operation of a quasi-optical modulator can be based on temperature, optical or mechanical switching as well as control under the action of an external electric field. Energy efficiency and high speed attract the most attention and therefore a wide class of methods and devices based on this effect have been proposed to date.
Existing working relationships with many laboratories of the SB RAS make it possible to promptly involve specialized scientific specialists in solving customer problems. Russian company organizes workshops and seminars in which partners have a unique opportunity to try the latest equipment to solve their problems. The company cooperates with all academic institutes of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, many industrial enterprises, technology companies, higher education institutions of the Siberian and Far Eastern regions.
The company applies a quality management system for products and working conditions. Laboratory research and control are carried out at each production site which allows us to make high-quality and competitive products.
The Russian company is looking for customers from various industries (in physics; electronics, biology, chemistry, etc.) in order to conclude a distribution services agreement. The company is interested in long-term mutually beneficial relations with each customer. Under the agreement, the Russian company will supply products to a foreign partner for further sale in foreign countries.

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• Existing working relations with many laboratories of the SB RAS allow promptly attracting specialized scientists to the solution of customer problems • The company has its own engineering department; if necessary, the company can independently develop a solution directly for the customer’s task. • We deliver goods specified by any transport companies, which makes the delivery process as comfortable as possible for the client • The company specializes in physics, biology, chemistry, geology.

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Type - SME, large companies Role - a foreign partner will buy products of a Russian company for its further distribution

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500